Five on Friday

In an attempt to keep this blog more updated with life happenings, I’m bringing you another Five on Friday!

1. Vitamin e oil

This is my new go-to baby bump moisturizer. Previously, I have been using the Motherlove Salve, but switched things up when I ran out. While I did love the salve, I wanted to try a lower cost alternative. The Motherlove is awesome for its all-natural ingredients like lavender essential oil, apricot oil, beeswax, shea butter, marshmallow roots, etc. The smell was relaxing in the evenings before bed, but not something I wanted to put on when I got out of the shower in the morning and show up at work smelling like an herb-loving hippie. I did like that I woke up in the morning still feeling somewhat-greasy.

I decided to give Vitamin E oil a try. It can be found for $4 or so in the vitamin aisle at any drugstore. It does not have a smell and seems to absorb into the skin very well. Vitamin E oil is used at the physical therapy clinic I work at for people who have had surgery and are having some kind of scar-work done. The only down-side to using Vitamin E oil is that I tend to go through quite a bit of it. I’m not saying I won’t return to using the Motherlove before bed, but for now I am really liking the Vitamin E oil.

And, I’m (almost) 23 weeks and am stretch mark free, so far!

2. craigslist

A weird thing to show up as a Friday Faves, huh? Since we are moving, we are saying goodbye to as much of our ugly hand-me-down furniture as possible. While it was great to be given freebies when we moved out on our own, we are in a place now where we can afford nicer things that we actually like and find comfortable!

I listed our couch, love seat, chair, entertainment center, coffee table, and a small end table/cabinet on Craigslist Sunday evening and by Wednesday night we were left with just the end table. Score! What’s best is that the three different people that came to buy things showed up within 20 minutes of each other! It was liking waving a magic wand and POOF our living room was empty! Plus, we made a few extra bucks.

We spent an afternoon furniture shopping a couple weeks ago and found some great couches and sectionals. Jeremy gave each couch a “relaxation test”.


3. nursery inspiration

Although I was 100% certain this baby was a girl, I am totally falling in love with our little baby boy and am so glad I was wrong! (I don’t think I’ll ever say that again!)

Just like any other pregnant gal would do, I’ve been scouring Pinterest for nursery inspiration. I saw a crib sheet with foxes on it and fell in love… a fox themed nursery would be so cute!

foxesFound on Etsy.

Nursery art, Woodland animal tracks
Found on Alley Kids. I don’t want the fox theme to turn into a woodland theme, but I think this print is just too cute.

This fox-themed nursery features a chalkboard accent wall and a southwest-inspired rug that we just adore! Nursery Love! {Pick from PN's own Lauren}Found on Pinterest. Mainly, I love the neutral walls with the trees painted in one corner. And, I like the curtains that let light in.

I’m also loving this crib from Babies R Us… not loving the themed set though.

Displaying IMG_6656.JPG

It’s priced at $299 (without the mattress) and converts to a toddler bed with rail, day bed, and a full size bed. I really like the mix of the white with the dark wood. No need to buy the matching dresser because I plan to repaint a dresser that I used to have in my bedroom that actually belonged to my grandma as a girl. It needs a coat of paint and some new knobs and it will work perfectly.

Does anyone have a recommendation on a great modern-looking glider/rocker-recliner?

4. obsessed with succulents

Isn’t everyone? Even the cat in the picture is loving on them! This pin has been floating around Pinterest with some great ideas on creative vessels for succulents and a how-on on planting. Read the article here.

I am definitely going to be scouring Saturday morning garage sales for vintage tea cups, dishes, and such for future succulent planting. I definitely want one on my desk! Plus, they are pretty damn hard to kill. We have some at home and water them once a week and they are doing great! Succulents can be found all over the place these days (hello Walmart garden section!) and are pretty cheap.

5.ready for the sun!

I don’t want to wish away spring, but sunnier days, please come out to play! My paste-y white legs…er…white everything… need to see some rays! Normally I would be hitting the tanning bed this time of year, but with a bun in the oven that is a big time NO NO!

I’m dreaming of pool-side lounging. Here’s a flashback to our trip to Charlotte last June:



Oh tequila! Miss you too!!!






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