It’s A… ?

After weeks and weeks of waiting, we finally know what our little baby is! Just for fun, my husband and I googled lots of old wives tales the night before to try to get an idea of what Baby G is.

Here’s our results:

  • Carrying high or low? I think my bump started low, but is gradually getting higher, therefore we didn’t pick a gender for this test.
  • Heartbeat above 140? At 10.5 weeks the heartbeat was 163. At 14.5 and 18.5 week appointments the heartbeat was 153. This means girl.
  • Sweet or sour cravings? Jeremy says, “You’re freaking all over the place!”
  • Chinese gender chart? Girl.
  • Key test? Boy.
  • Face/skin/acne? Boy.
  • Ring on a string? Girl.
  • Morning sickness? Girl.
  • Living with the father of the baby? Yes, of course. Boy.
  • Married more than a year? Yes. Girl.
  • quiz? 35% chance of Boy, 64% chance of Girl.

Most of the old wives’ tales confirmed what I had been feeling since week 8 or so. I just knew this baby was a girl. No doubt in my mind! I hadn’t had any dreams of the baby’s gender until the night before (dreamed it was a boy).

Our moms and my sister-in-law joined us for the ultrasound, which was awesome! No one really talked, there were just audible “awwww” sounds when our little one did something cute. We were all fixated on the screen. The ultrasound tech started by pointing out the obviously beating heart, and parts of the brain. She took a ton of measurements of the head, and of the whole body. Baby’s heartbeat was 143 and sounded perfect.

The little one had its hands near its face most of the time and even attempted to chew on its fingers! I was amazed to see the jaw move and the mouth open and close. So cool!

Last, but not least, she measured baby’s legs and went to check out the “goods”. Baby modestly had its legs crossed at the ankles! After some serious pounding on my stomach with the ultrasound wand, baby uncrossed its legs and showed us what we were looking for. It was rather obvious, though!





And for the gender reveal…



It’s a BOY!!! (Obviously!) The ultrasound tech didn’t have to say a word, I knew what I was lookin’ at! Jeremy said he could already tell it was a boy before the little guy decided to cooperate and uncross his legs.

I am shocked, but thrilled! I’ve already bought a few newborn onesies for my little guy and have an idea of a crib and nursery theme. More to come on those details!

I am so glad to finally be calling my baby a baby boy instead of “it” or “the baby”. I’ve been asked 100 million times if we have picked out a name and the answer is NO. We hadn’t discussed names a whole lot prior to our ultrasound, but now we talk about it from day to day. No clear front runners, yet.

Stay tuned for my 22 week update in a few days! Thanks again for your well wishes.


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