Ch-ch-ch-changes… Life Lately

It’s been a month since I’ve blogged, and before that it had been another month since my last post. Blogging has been on my mind, but I haven’t found the time to sit and do a total “brain purge”. So, here we go… in random order…

1. We’re Co-Workers

I’m a planner by nature. I make deliberate decisions toward a goal, most of the time. Sure, I like to do something spontaneous here and there but I like having a plan and making a good effort to stick to it.

With that being said, after Jeremy landed his first job after graduating with his physical therapy degree ย with a large hospital system in our area. The specific position was in an outpatient clinic in a small town, about an hour from where we grew up and where our friends and families live. We moved to a small town half-way between our work places and things were off to a great start. We didn’t know anyone, but that was okay. Life was going as planned. Jeremy enjoyed his job, his co-workers, and most of his patients. The plan was for him to work at that clinic location for a couple years, with hopes of being transferred if an opening came available back at the “main hub.”

My husband and I happen to work in the same field – that’s something that wasn’t planned. I started working in the business development/marketing side of physical therapy as my first job after college. Jeremy happened to be finishing his first semester of graduate school when I graduated and started working. It was an interesting coincidence that I worked in a field he was getting his graduate degree in, but nothing more.

The company I work for has been in a steady growth mode for the past 2 years and business is good. The owner of the company decided to open a new location in 2015 and began interviewing potential therapists to the head the new location. There were many applicants, but the ‘right fit’ hadn’t walked through the door. After 2 failed hires, the owner and office manager approached me about Jeremy taking the open position. This wasn’t part of the plan.

You can probably see where this is going now… We’ve been co-workers for 3 weeks and life is just peachy! We’re at the same office most mornings and then Jeremy goes to the new office in the afternoons. In the beginning I was becoming easily exhausted answering his questions about how things run in our offices, etc. but we are both settling into our new normal quite well.

While I can do my best to make plans, sometimes it just doesn’t matter. God has a plan, and it’s way more important than mine. I’m good with that ๐Ÿ™‚

The new job means we no longer need to live in the little town half-way between my work and Jeremy’s old work. In fact, it made the most sense to us to move back to our home town. So… we are! Which leads me to my next point…

2. We’re soon-to-be homeowners!

… and we couldn’t be more happy! As a self-proclaimed HGTV lover, I have seen my fair share of House Hunters, Property Brothers, and Property Virgins episodes.The idea of house hunting was thrilling to me! Modern luxuries, like the internet, gave me the thrill at my fingertips. With 15-20 interior & exterior photos available for each listing, the hunting game was something I could enjoy from my couch instead of going from house to house with a Realtor.

Believe it or not, we physically walked through 2 houses. That’s right, only 2. Both were new construction in our hometown. Both were about the same size… one had a 3-garage garage and the other had 2. One was a split floor plan, the other was not. One had engineering hardwoods in the kitchen and open living area, the other had tile and carpet. One had a small yard and was located in a neighborhood where houses are popping up like crazy, super close to each other, while the other was in a neighborhood that was new and growing much more slowly.

Jeremy decided he wasn’t a fan of the small yard and immediate construction. We chose to look at the other house again and started the process of making an offer, negotiating, and eventually going under contract on our first house!

1451 S Tomahawk Ave, Republic, MO 65738

We are big fans of the backyard. The closest oak tree you see is on our property, but the one behind it is not. The land behind us could be used as development land to build more houses in the future, but not a shovel of dirt has been moved back there, so I’m not worried. Plus, there’s nothing we can do about it!

The home inspection took place this week, and now we are just waiting on a firm closing date to be set by our bank.

Jeremy and I are both super excited and already have a list of projects and things we want to do to the house! Nothing major of course since it’s new, but adding a privacy fence, sealing the garage floor, adding cabinets in the laundry room, and painting are all on our list. I envision an entire blog post dedicated to painting ๐Ÿ™‚

3. We’re soon-to-be parents!!

Jeremy and I are super excited to announce that we’re going to be parents – and no, not to a dog or cat – but a real, live human baby! Yay!

I will be 20 weeks pregnant tomorrow (halfway, I can’t believe it) and have been feeling normal these days. That’s not to say there weren’t a few not-so-wonderful first trimester days! I’ll have a blog post later detailing the first trimester and my “must haves” during the first three months.

Until then, I’ll share a few bump photos. I’ve been gaining weight slowly but steadily and my doctor is really happy with my health so far!

10.5 week ultrasound
Say hello to “Baby G” at 10.5 weeks. This was our first ultrasound and the little nugget was dancing around like crazy in there!

13 weeks

My first official bump photo at 13 weeks – right before a Valentine’s Day date to Cantina Laredo.

15 weeks

Baby making itself more visible by 15 weeks. You might notice I’m wearing the same pair of jeans… that’s because I only own 1 pair of maternity jeans so far.

17 weeks

More and more round each week!

I wasn’t a fan of my 19 week photo, so that’s why you’re not seeing it here. I tried to take it myself using the timer on my camera and setting it on a leaning tower of Pisa of books, containers, etc… it was a fail. Bad lighting, bad angle, and my forearms looks very large. I didn’t delete it because of course I want to keep the memories, but I didn’t find it internet-worthy.

Our due date is August 22 and certainly be here before we know it. I’m ready to get moved, unpacked, and start working on our little one’s nursery. Pink or blue? We don’t know yet! 10 more days til we find out. My gut says girl, but I know that means nothing ๐Ÿ™‚

I think I’ll end this post here. I’ve got lots I want to say about the first trimester and the weeks so far leading up to 20 weeks of pregnancy. I’ll save those thoughts for another post. This blog has been transitional for me… it started when I moved into my first home away from home with my fiancee (hence the name), as I started on my journey to be a good cook, throughout my weight loss/Weight Watchers adventure, and now I’m sure most of the posts will be concentrated on pregnancy, baby updates, home updates and more. If you choose to stay tuned, thanks for coming along for the ride!


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