Food for Thought

Who are my calorie counters out there? Listen up! I came across this New York Times article today (don’t remember where I saw it) that gives you a picture of how quickly 2,000 calories can add up at some of my favorite restaurants.

I’ll link the article here, so that you can read it from start to finish, but I want to show a few things that stood out to me.

CHIPOTLE Carnitas burrito (945), chips and guacamole (770), Coke (276).

I guess my days of popping into Chipotle for a quick lunch of chips and guac are over! 770 calories is a deal breaker. The article points out that you can certainly eat healthier at Chipotle (or “Chippies” as me and a friend used to call it in college), but the idea of the article is to show how quickly the typical daily calorie allotment can be filled. Saying ‘no’ to the oversized burrito and ‘yes’ to a burrito bowl will spare you 300 calories. Good thing I go for the bowl.

SUBWAY Cold-cut combo (375), chips (230), chicken noodle soup with oyster crackers (155), cookie (220), Buffalo-chicken salad (360), Coke (200), egg-and-cheese flatbread (370), juice (100).

Here’s what you can accomplish with 2,000 calories at Subway. There’s quite a bit of food here – and that’s ranch dressing with the salad.

SONIC Peanut Butter Caramel Pie Shake (2,090).

Maybe you’re like me and love to slurp your calories? A large shake from Sonic will do the trick. CRAZY!

Yogurt with fruit and nuts (210), toast and jam (85), coffee (2), beef stir-fry and farro (400), diet soda (0), pretzels (220), pear (100), chicken and arugula (490), brussels sprouts and squash (55), water (0), wine (120), cookies (200)

You’re probably thinking – where is this gold mine of a restaurant where I can eat ALL THAT FOOD for 2,000 calories. Newsflash, it’s your house! Yep, if you eat at home you can extend your daily calorie allowance to accommodate all of these delicious foods. Yes, you’re seeing toast with jelly, pretzels, cookies, and WINE!!!

I thought this article was thought-provoking and blog post worthy. I do hope you’ll click through to the NY Times article to see the other comparisons from restaurants like: Olive Garden, McDonald’s, Burger King, PF Changs, Ruth’s Chris, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, and more.

Happy healthy eating & have a happy healthy weekend!



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