Gearing up for 2015!

Oops! It looks like I’ve taken an unintentional break from blogging.

Between family Christmases, traveling, and business at work the blog has taken a back seat. We certainly enjoyed the holidays this year, but I am ready to settle into a routine for 2015.

I’m not a big fan of resolutions, but I do like goals. Here are three goals I have for the new year:

  • Be active and eat healthy! I don’t have concrete goals for lose “x number” of pounds for work out 3 times a week or anything like that.
  • Create and stick to a budget. Easier said than done, but we begin paying on my husbands grad school loans in two days, so budgeting needs to happen.
  • Make memories! Go new places and see new things, take more photos, be spontaneous! I know this sounds a little strange since I just listed budgeting, but fun can still be had while sticking to a budget.

With that being said, each January I love reflecting on the past year. My friend Molly and I used to do this in high school and called it a “year in review” – my topics are a little different than they were back then, but here’s what happened in my world in 2014.

  • January – I turned 24 and wrote this post outlining 25 things I wanted to do before turning 25. I’ve updated that here. 16 days left to mark more off my list! I took a quick trip to  Florida to go to the Orange Bowl to watch my Ohio State Buckeyes unfortunately lose to Clemson. It was such a fun trip that I will always remember! Also in January, Jeremy began his rotation at a local hospital. Yay for having a hubby around.
  • February – We were honored to be a part of Nick & Sydney’s wedding and enjoyed spending time with family that were in town.
  • March – Carson was born! My littlest cousin isn’t so little any more. Later in the year, he came to visit. I started Weight Watchers Online in March, on a whim. Over the next several months I managed to lose 32ish pounds, the healthy way. I wrote tons and tons of weekly updates that can be read here. Since then I have gained a few pounds back, but I know it is because I’m not exercising and am eating less healthy than I was. However, healthy habits stick around and become the new normal. I love that. Who knows, I may pick up WW again in 2015. I’ve kept my online membership.
  • April – I spent a lot of time driving back and forth to Wichita, KS where Jeremy was located for his last rotation. It was a horrible drive and no fun at all. We counted down the weeks til he came home. Jeremy took his state boards exam this month and passed 🙂
  • May – The month we looked forward to for so long! Jeremy graduated and you can read all about the ceremony, reception, and party. The job search officially began.
  • June – We traveled to the Carolinas for vacation! Also, Jeremy presented a research poster with his peers at a national physical therapy conference in Charlotte. We loved Charlotte, Charleston, and everywhere in between.
  • July – I got into the flea market business with my friends Natalie & Hannah. Our booth sales were high in the summer and have plummeted since… however we are still making rent and a little extra cash each month. Plus, it’s fun to buy, re-do and re-sell. Here’s a post I wrote detailing how to makeover an old piece of furniture.
  • August – Jeremy began working and we started looking at rental houses. We also celebrated our 2nd anniversary!
  • September – At the beginning of the month, we moved! I traveled to Florida for Hillary’s beach wedding with a friend. It was a quick trip, but one I am so glad I took.
  • October – Jeremy surprised me with a weekend trip to St. Louis for game one of the NLCS. We had a great time!
  • November – My flea market booth friends and I participated in our first junk show. A well-known traveling show came to our town and we jumped on the opportunity to have a booth! The two day show was a blast. I loved seeing other people’s project pieces and definitely enjoyed the profits of selling some pieces.
  • December – Christmas! And, the Nutcracker! And little Archie arrived early. Nick and Sydney’s little guy is the cutest, most precious early Christmas gift.
  • IMG_6367

We looked forward to 2014 for so long. It was a big year. My husband was set to finish school and begin working. Something we’ve been waiting for for so long. Now, we are in a normal routine (for us). I love it. The dual income-no kids lifestyle is pretty great. Our life is about us all time time. It sounds selfish, but it is certainly what we have needed after him going to grad school for 3 years, having out of state rotations, and living with my parents.

We are so lucky to live the life that we live, and I cannot wait to see what 2015 has in store. It will be much more low-key than 2014 because we simply do not have as much on the horizon compared to last year. I’m glad!

Cheers to you and yours and happy new year!


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