Five on Friday

Happy Friday to you! This week’s post is a random hodge-podge of things I’ve been loving lately. No rhyme, reason or theme to this list. Enjoy!

1. e.l.f. warm eyeshadows palette

ELF eyeshadow palette 2
Photo courtesy of Google Images

If you’re in the market for a super affordable eyeshadow palette with options to create several looks, look  no further than this product from e.l.f. I picked this up from Target a year or two ago and have forgotten about it. I “found” it in our move and have been reaching for it more lately. The palette offers a wide range of shades and finishes. To be honest, some shadows in this palette flat out stink and some are stunning. But for $6 – I’ll take it. A few of my faves are the darker metallics and the mid-tone neutrals. It’s a winner!

2. a seriously good cookie

I’m typically not an impulse buyer at the grocery store, however… I had a frustrating day at work on Wednesday and had a raging tension headache when I exited off the interstate on my way home. I knew our pantry was bare – so bare that we had cinnamon pancakes for dinner the night before – and I had no other option than to go grocery shopping. What makes it even better? I am sure that I chose the store’s worst shopping cart too. Bad wheels and all. I think I got a serious upper body workout keeping that baby on course.

I bought a lot – 9 dinner meals worth! When I was almost finished, I talked myself into a treat for battling with the cart… and the headache.

I’ve never had Coconut Dreams, but these spoke to me! Holy cow, they’re good. Chewy, not overly coconutty, caramely, with a crunch in the middle. So good. So good, in fact, they’re gone. Oops.

3. Christmas!!!


Christmas has arrived at the Graddy house! Jeremy and I decorated our tree on Monday and I just love it!

I also took time this week to decorate our tree at work! Can you tell that I have a thing for red and white candy cane stripes?




4. Zulily

It’s the bomb. Join the site here:

A couple weeks ago I scored 2 super cute Jessica Simpson brand purses for $25 each – and they’re leopard print! Perfect for Christmas gifts. Then, I bought a couple pairs of booties this week for $14.99. Seriously! One pair for myself, and the other pair will be a gift.

Also, as you browse Zulily, look for their “Ship by Christmas” icon next to items if you plan on purchasing a Christmas gift.

5. 25 before 25

Remember that long list I made about 11 months ago? I’ve been thinking about it lately. After all, I have a little over a month left to complete it! Things on my radar: make chimichurri, homemade pasta, and smoothies. While it isn’t necessarily smoothie-weather (isn’t spring and summer prime smoothie time?), I need to get crackin’. If you have a favorite recipe, please let me know!

That’s it for today’s post. I need to leave my office and pick up a few things for our work Christmas party this afternoon. I just love the holidays 🙂 Have a great weekend!


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