Five on Friday: My Christmas Wishlist

Happy Friday to all! It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I haven’t had a whole lot to share. Nothing much going on.

The husband and I have been getting into the Christmas spirit lately, and I figured it was time to dedicate a Five on Friday to my Christmas list. While I never have super specific ‘wants’, these are a few items I’ve been eyeing lately. And yes, these are all materialistic stupid wants, not needs.

1. Gray Boots


I love these Kamari Harness Boots from Target. I have brown and black boots already, but there is definitely room in my closet for gray. I love the buckle detail, turned up toe and the height of these tall boots. And at $39.99 (plus free shipping), what’s not to love? Here’s the link to the item on Target’s website. Size 8, please!

2. Square frames galore!

I hate to admit it, but I’ve been slacking when it comes to decorating our new house. I have lots of ideas for adding color and flair to the walls, but haven’t taken any action to do anything about it. I’m asking for lots of square frames in various sizes. I plan on framing vacation photos, candid photos, wedding snap shots, and hopefully some holiday photos. some frames I want to be black, some white, and some I will probably spray paint a color – so finding these babies at a cheap price is key. I do believe you can buy them at Walmart, or Hobby Lobby & Michaels (coupon, holla!) and of course Target.

I’ve grabbed a few photos from Pinterest to illustrate my ideas…

frames above bed

framing fabric

white frames on wall


3. Sunglasses

I’ll admit, I am a destroyer of sunglasses. I’ve got a rap sheet a mile long when it comes to losing, breaking, scratching, running over, losing parts, etc. of some of my favorite sunnies. Thankfully,  I have had a pair of Armani Exchange glasses that have stuck with me for 3ish years now. That’s a world record for me. The finish is peeling off of them and they are scratched beyond belief. I would love a pair of Ray Ban’s. I think I’m responsible enough now  to take proper care of them.

raybanI think these are perfect. I’ve always been a fan of tortoise shell, and of the aviator style.

4. Caffeine, please!

Coffee. Give me Coffee. If someone could gift us with 5-6 boxes of coffee, we would be the happiest couple in the world. We love our Keurig. My grandparents gifted it to us as a wedding present. We received LOTS of Bed, Bath, & Beyond gift cards at our wedding because we didn’t list our registries as part of the invitation (not my style) so people gifted us with cash and cards. (Thank you, everyone!) We used those gift cards to purchase lots of coffee at Bed, Bath, and Beyond because we didn’t need much else. I think our first K-cup haul lasted us several months. Since then, we stop into BB&B whenever we’re nearby to pickup a box or two, but we usually grab a box at Walmart, where we do our grocery shopping. Walmart has a small selection, but they do have flavors we like. Over time, we’ve decided these are our faves:

  • Starbucks Sumatra Dark (for the hubs who likes bold, strong flavors)
  • Donut House Cinnamon Roll
  • Gloria Jean’s Butter Toffee
  • Cafe Escapes Chai Latte (tastes like the holidays!)
  • Gloria Jean’s Brown Sugar Cake
  • Green Mountain Breakfast Blend

Sometimes we buy a 3-pack so we can try a new flavor without committing to a large pack. We would love to try a variety pack, too! Here’s a link to Bed Bath & Beyond’s site.

5. FitBit Charge

I recently gifted one of these to J for his 27th birthday, and I’m not going to lie, I’m jealous. FitBits are just plain cool. The Fitbit Charge (priced at $129.99 at our local Best Buy) tracks steps, distance, calories burned, floors climed, the time, shows Caller ID, and even tracks your sleeping patterns. Sync it up to the app on your phone or tablet and get real-time stats of your own movement. I think J and I could have a daily competition to see who burned the most calories and took the most steps. Pretty groovy! They come in black, this berry color, and an grayish blue.

There you have it, 5 things I would love to unwrap under the tree this year. Let’s remember the reason for the season and be sure to throw some pocket change into the red kettles, buy a gift for a child in need, pay it forward at a drive thru, and show God’s love in all the ways possible! This may be my first, but certainly won’t be my last holiday post. We’ve got Thanksgivings, Christmas parties, decorating, and much more ahead. In fact, this weekend we’re going to Arkansas to spend time with J’s family and celebrate his youngest sister’s birthday.

Have a great weekend!



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