Five on Friday: Fall Favorites Edition

Hello, blog world! It is a sunny and (unseasonably) warm fall day in the Ozarks and I’m so excited to share five of my fall faves with you today. Let’s jump in.

1. Setting the mood with Scentsy

I’m all about candles, but lately I’m obsessed with my Scentsy warmers and the wax scents I have been rotating through. Fall air is crisp and has a warm scent and I want the inside of my house to echo the outside! Here are the scents I’ve been LOVING…

  • Perk Me Up (Coffee/cappuccino type feel to this one as you would expect from the name. It’s definitely sweet smelling!)
  • Pumpkin Roll (Smells just as glorious as you would think.)
  • Everything Nice (Scentsy markets this as a deep caramel and swirls of butter with roasted pumpkin and glazed pecans. I would say they hit the nail on the head with that description. One thing that I like about this scent is that it isn’t too strong. We’ve all walked in to someone’s house and been punched in the face with some kind of super strong smell (good and bad). This one won’t knock you down! But I can’t guarantee that it won’t make you crave baked goodies 🙂 )
  • Central Park Pralines  (I don’t have this one, but my mom does. It’s a nice mix of chocolate, nutty, fresh baked cookie goodness. Mmm!)

2. Have a cup of cheer!

While I haven’t broken out the Christmas beverages (yet), my drink of choice has been Cinnamon Roll K-Cups by Green Mountain Coffee.

cinnamon roll k cup

I’ve loved these for a long time, but Jeremy and I make an effort to try new flavors… sometimes that backfires. I’m much more picky than he is in the coffee department. Anyway, back to the cinnamon roll. I feel like I can achieve a “coffee shop type” cup when I brew one of these K-Cups, add in some fat free french vanilla creamer, and a little sugar. Yum in my tum! If you’re interested, you can buy these and all sorts of K cups online (Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond), but you can also find quite a selection at Walmart.

3. Breaking out the fall makeup

You may be thinking, what the heck is fall makeup? Isn’t makeup, just makeup? No!

I have been loving matte eyeshadows (I’m talking chocolate browns and maroons) this season, but of course one seasonal change in the makeup department is in the lip department. While I love deep colors, like this one I blogged about last year, I haven’t taken the dive into the dark shades yet this season.

I’m currently loving this matte lipstick from Wet ‘n’ Wild in the shade Bare It All. Plus, it’s only $3ish bucks!

bare it allFound this on Google Images.

bare it all on the lipsHere’s an awkward photo of it on my lips.

If you’re looking for a lipstick that will enhance your natural lip color and will make you look ‘finished’ without being a real color, I would steer you toward Bare It All. I like the formula, although it can be a little drying because it’s matte. I put on a thin coat of good old Chap Stick before smoothing this on. I will recommend that you rub this baby around on your hand/arm/whatever before using it. Mine had a hard layer on the top. Maybe it was just the tube I bought?

4. Sip on this!

I’m not a huge beer fan, but I will occasionally order a Bud Light when we’re at dinner. Jeremy came home with this Leinenkugel Orange Shandy the other day and I have to admit – it’s pretty darn good. We compared it to Blue Moon with an orange, but much lighter and crisper. This beer just feels refreshing! Give it a go. I’m not sure if it’s seasonal…

orange shandy

5. Of course, the foliage

This wouldn’t be a fall faves list without a shout-out to the beautiful changing leaves! I snapped this panoramic photo off our back deck this week. I love the different colors you can see, along with the sun shining through on the field behind our house. God’s creation sure is beautiful!

backyard colors

While Mom and I were garage sale-ing in Springfield last weekend I snapped this shot through the windshield.

Springfield colors


If you’re blogging about fall faves, please let me know below so I can check out what you’re loving this season. Have a great Friday and I great weekend!



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