Weekend in Photos: NLCS Game 1

Last week Jeremy kept hinting around about weekend plans… He told me not to get too comfortable after work on Friday and not to make any plans (except for a hair appointment I had made). Thursday evening he handed me the iPad and told me to pick out what seats I wanted for the Cardinals game on Saturday!!

Another surprise he had planned was to have my brother surprise me at our new house! My brother and I are very close and haven’t seen each other since he went back to school in August. We went out for Chinese and hung around the house watching the Royals game. It was great!

On Saturday afternoon we drove up to St. Louis, checked into our hotel, and headed to Busch. Here are a few photos we snapped…


IMG_5935Of course, Jeremy got a hot dog!



IMG_5943Hot chocolate was a NECESSITY.

IMG_5954We slept in Sunday morning and went to an Italian neighborhood, The Hill, for lunch. We were bummed to find that one of our favorite spots was closed, however, there was a parade! We loved seeing the Italian pride among the parade go-ers and followed the crowds to the neighborhood park where they were having a Columbus Day festival. We lucked out and found that one of our favorite restaurants had a booth and was serving their delicious Penne a la Vodka!

IMG_5946A local grocery store drove this shopping cart hot ride. It was BIG.

IMG_5947I loved the teal colored store-front of Amaghettis.

IMG_5948Gorgeous landscaping at the park.

Oh, and here’s a selfie showing off my new hair cut and color (it is actually an extreme amount of low-lights). Change is good, right?


Thanks for reading – have a great week!

Oh, and Go Cards! And Go Royals!


3 thoughts on “Weekend in Photos: NLCS Game 1

  1. As a native of Cleveland, and a longtime reside t of the Detroit area, I don’t have a dog in the MLB playoff fight anymore. But the one team I DO NOT want to win it all is SF. so…GO CARDS!

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