Weekend in Photos: Hillary’s Beach Wedding

I’ve been pretty quiet on WordPress lately, mainly because I’ve been busy. I am so excited to share with you my excuse!

Last Thursday, a friend and I packed our bags for Grayton Beach, Florida to witness our beautiful friend Hillary get married. This was a quick trip (we were home by Sunday evening), but was worth every single mile. Mr. and Mrs.  Reid both looked absolutely stunning on the sandy white beaches!! This was definitely a wedding and a trip to remember. Enjoy the photos!

Again, please remember… I’m no professional 🙂


IMG_0721The beautiful bride and me before the festivities.

IMG_0725Several of the bride and groom’s friends from Louisiana traveled to Florida for the wedding weekend!

IMG_0731My travel buddy Hannah and Hillary.

IMG_0732The bride’s parents asked my mom to make this cute Pinterest-inspired sign. 

IMG_0737Before the ceremony began. 

IMG_0740The bride’s brother and mother.

IMG_0758Hannah and me!


IMG_0778The Groom watching his Bride walk down the aisle.


IMG_0788She is glowing!

IMG_0792Lee giving away his daughter. Love the emotion in this shot.



IMG_0816Mr. & Mrs. Dustin Reid

IMG_0826Proud parents of the bride

IMG_0857The reception was held at the beach house rented by Hillary & Dustin’s Louisianan friends.

IMG_0862Fruit infused water and tea. 

IMG_0870Hannah was a beautiful hand model. The palms wrapped in lights were our project for the morning.



IMG_0897Love these girls! I am so glad Hannah and I were able to make the quick trip to see Hillary get married!



IMG_0936Time to cut the cake. Notice the LSU game in the background? Hill & Dustin are true tiger fans.


IMG_0948My favorite photo. Look at that bling!

IMG_0979The couple’s first dance was to George Strait’s “Run”.

IMG_0985Happy couple!

There were a few snapshots that didn’t make it to my computer – my camera battery died! I hope to add them to this post later.

Congrats Hillary & Dustin! I wish you a lifetime of happiness!



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