Getting excited about moving

First and foremost, no we don’t have a rental house 100% locked down, but things are looking good for the “white box on Crestwood.” There will be photos later, after it is painted and the carpets are cleaned. I’m guilty of decorating this house in my head — just like I did with the first house that ended up falling through. I’ve browsed trusty old Pinterest and have created a board dedicated to ideas for decorating a rental house/apartment. I’ve also read a couple WordPress blogs that have got the gears in my head spinning! I recommend reading this short and sweet post by Kelley Lively on how to decorate a rental.

I thought I would share what I have in mind for the “white box”. Some background info: The house in 5-6 years old, with 4 bedrooms and 2 baths. The walls are a neutral beige and the carpet is a darker tan. The trim is white throughout the house, and it has nice arched-top paneled interior doors. The ceramic tile in the bathrooms and kitchen is a dark neutral. The living room has cathedral ceilings and the master has a tray ceiling. There are lots of big windows allowing natural light throughout the house.

(Note: all photos are courtesy of Pinterest, no links)

Getting excited about: bold area rugs!

bold rug


I’m a sucker for black and white geometric designs. Since the house is totally neutral, bold prints will add energy and life.

rely on color

Since the house is more-or-less colorless, drapes, rugs, and pillows will be a great way to bring in bright colors. I love this mix of color and neutral.

Getting excited about: curtains!

dining room


The dining area in the house has the tri-wall shape pictured above with just one window. I love this idea to create a larger window effect all while adding more COLOR.



I spotted this beauty at a local fabric store while I was shopping for fabric to recover a chair cushion. Wouldn’t these make beautiful curtains, especially with teal accents in the room? LOVE.

Getting excited about: furniture projects!

ideas for living room


Perhaps you’ve seen some of the furniture rehab projects I have posted about, but I can’t wait to make things for my own home! I’ve got a dresser sitting in storage that I plan to convert into a TV stand, like this. Also, loving gallery walls and a mix of photos and typography prints.

These are my thoughts for now, and I’m sure they’ll change. If you have tips or tricks for decorating a rental, please share!

Happy Monday! xoxo



One thought on “Getting excited about moving

  1. I love it! I have approximately three pinterest boards all for apartment/house projects. And I don’t even have an apartment nor am I searching. My friends love to joke that when I do finally get my own place it will be beautifully decorated!!

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