Weekend in Photos: Watermelon Festival

We took a weekend getaway to my in-laws in Arkansas to attend their annual Watermelon Festival. The hubby and I headed down south after work and spent a lazy weekend with family. We attended the festival on Saturday evening and took a couple photos at the local spring house. Enjoy!






IMG_0180Yes, he cupped water into his hands and took a gulp! Not me!




We had a great weekend and caught up on our rest! I took two naps yesterday – after sleeping in until 10 a.m. – I must have been tired.

House update: The Realtor text me on Friday evening while we were traveling to tell me that he spoke with the owner and if there is no contract on the house by this Friday, he would be happy to rent it to us. Happy dance!!! Since there are no offers on the house right now we are feeling pretty confident that everything will go smoothly. We can’t wait for this house to be our home! We talked this morning about how the picture window in the living room is the perfect place for our Christmas tree. I’m also thinking about renovations if we decided to buy the house down the road. House love is real, folks.

Other stuff: Today is our second anniversary! It seems like much longer and much shorter than two years. Isn’t it weird how that works? We spent over half of our second year of marriage living apart while J was on rotations. So crazy and really tough! But, we made it and our relationship is much stronger. We are planning to have dinner (and a stroll around the mall – hubby knows how to make me happy 🙂 ) tomorrow. This whole weight loss/exercise thing has taken over my life so much that J knew that we should wait and have our date tomorrow because tonight is Zumba. How funny! (Plus, we need to spend this evening catching up on laundry, etc. after being gone all weekend.)

I ate ridiculously bad this weekend – I’m talking chips and dip, cheesecake, biscuits and gravy… and need to make up for it with healthy eating this week. Here’s to another week and embarking on our third year of marriage. Cheers!


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