WW Update: Week 21 Results

Happy Friday to you! This week has flown by and I am SO ready for a weekend away. We are leaving for Jeremy’s parents in Arkansas after work. There is a Watermelon Festival happening!

For week 21, I lost 1.4 pounds for a total of 28 pounds lost.
I am 12 pounds away from my “40 pounds lost by September 1st” (or September 14th) goal.

This week was a good week overall. I stuck to healthy eating (for the most part) and moving my body!

My staples for this week have been:
– Turkey sandwiches for lunch. The hickory smoked turkey I chose from the deli has been so good. I usually buy mesquite smoked turkey, but the hickory has been super tasty.
– Almonds, which is a big deal for Andrea the almond hater. I’m coming around.

My saving grace this week:
– I made 2 pp chocolate cupcakes that are one of my faves!
– Drinking water when I’m hungry, then resorting to food. Sometimes I just get thirsty!

Featured meal this week:
Nothing new. Lean meats, veggies, brown rice.

Eating out this week:
I loosened up the reigns this weekend! The hubby and I went out on Saturday night for margaritas and Mexican food! After salsa and chips and our queso fundido appetizer with chorizo, I ordered the equivalent of a deep-fried chimichanga with white cheese sauce on top and the hubby had a carne asade burrito. We both had frozen strawberry margs, too! It was perfect. We were seated at a 2-top near the window and were treated to dinner and a show by Springfield, MO’s population of wack-jobs wandering the streets of downtown. We saw full-face tattoos, police involvement, and too many bad haircuts to count.


After dinner we treated ourselves to fro-yo and a drive through Wilson’s Creek – where we saw 4 turkey and 24 deer.



We had Ruby Tuesday for dinner on Sunday, where I ordered a steak. Super tasty!

Working out this week:
– Monday: Zumba
– Tuesday: 5 a.m. PiYO (We started a new set “PiYO 34” that is sure to make my muscles scream!)
– Thursday: PiYO

I’m looking forward to picking up my walking routine again next week.

Visible changes this week:
New clothes!!! I am happy to announce that 21 weeks ago I was a size 14 across the board. Dress size was 14 and most pants were size 14 or 32-33. Yesterday I bought 3 pairs of pants/jeans all in size 8. I wear size medium tops now and I’m not looking back!!!

Goals for next week:
Stick to proper portions in Arkansas this weekend. Exercise 4 times and limit eating out.

Bonus category: Our house hunt
My husband Jeremy and I have been searching for a house to rent that cut down on the 70-minute drive to his new job. On Friday we met with a Realtor who also does some property management in a town that is literally halfway between my work and his. He was super nice and seemed to understand what we’re looking for. So what exactly is that you ask? We’re searching for a 2-3 bedroom home, preferably with a garage, that has been well-kept. Oh, and I demand a nice neighborhood. Easier said than done. I took the afternoon off work so that we could meet with the Realtor and prove that we’re nice people, who are clean, have good jobs and are responsible.

He showed us the perfect house. Ahhhh, it’s wonderful! This little baby was built in 1957. It is an all-brick, 1600+ sq foot home on a corner lot that is larger than half an acre.


The only hiccup – it’s on the market. Not exactly for rent. The good news is that the owners moved out of state and do not want it to sit on the market long. School starts next week and historically is a sign of the market slowing down. The owner is open to renting and we hope that our meeting with the Realtor will help him talk the owner into renting it to us! I called for an update yesterday and our guy had been out of town so he didn’t have any news. Please say a prayer for us to find the perfect place – whether it’s this Bedford Street house or another one.


Thanks for reading – have a great weekend!



4 thoughts on “WW Update: Week 21 Results

  1. From size 14 to size 8 is amazing! That’s gotta feel great. 🙂 Did you try on some of our old size 14’s just to see how loose they were?

    Good luck on the potential rental!

  2. Congrats on the huge loss in dress size!! That, to me, is when I feel like I’ve really accomplished a lot with weight loss. It’s the best way to measure changes!

    Also, good luck with the house!! I remember in December we had been debating between buying/renting and ended up finding the perfect house (that we could afford) and bought it. Everything happens for a reason, so I’m sure it’ll work out for you!

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