Grocery Haul | What I’m eating this week

Happy Monday to you! I stopped by the grocery yesterday to pick up a few things to help us eat healthy lunches this week. I was in a hurry and my focus was food for lunch… I’m not sure what our dinner choices will be this week. I have a few things at home to work with.



The purpose of this post is to (1) remind myself what I bought and how I can use it to fuel my body with healthy foods and (2) to inspire my readers to try something new.

On the lunch menu this week:

  • Turkey & Provolone Sandwiches on Nature’s Own Sandwich thins (3 pp). I will measure out 2-3 oz of turkey (3 pp) and use one thin slice of cheese. I won’t know the points plus value of the cheese til I put it on the scale. I would estimate these slices to be half an ounce each? I will probably add spicy mustard to my sandwiches (0 pp).
  • Grilled turkey sausage with a rice cup. This one takes a little more prep time to grill the sausage. I will portion 4-6 pp worth of turkey with 1 cup of Brown & Wild Rice for 5 pp. This “main course” for lunch is heavier on points than the sandwiches, but I think it will be more filling.
  • Salad. I purchased a big tub of organic spring mix for salads to go along with lunch or to have before dinner. We try to fill up on greens before our meal.
  • Snack items include: Emerald 100 Cal almond packs (Natural and Vanilla Roasted are 3 pp per pack), Fat free pretzels (3 pp for 20 pretzels), Yoplait fat free yogurts – I love their lemon creme pie (2 pp), and Great Value’s Nutra Grain knock off cereal bars (3 pp).
  • Bananas, grapefruit, and cucumbers

As you can see, I went with several 3 pp snacks, but with 28 points per day I can make it work. My points breakdown for the weekday generally looks something like this:

  • Breakfast: Coffee with 1 t sugar & 2 T of Fat Free Creamer (1 pp); Eggo Nutra Grain waffle (2 pp) with 1 Laughing Cow Cinnamon Cheese wedge (1 pp) – sometimes I forego the cheese = 4 pp 
  • Snack: Typically a banana = 0 pp
  • Lunch: Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers meal (6-8 pp) with a 3 pp snack OR turkey sandwich (~7 pp) with a 3 pp snack OR sausage and rice (~10 pp) with a 0 pp snack = 10-11 pp
  • At this point in my day I start to play the strategy game. I think it is one of the reasons why I like WW and why it works for me. Am I going to have a sweet snack? Will I save my points for a more savory dinner? If I do cave and have a sweet snack I try to limit it to a lemonade or green tea (from Panera – yum! 4 pp I think).
  • Dinner: If I’ve used about 20 points for the day I’ll go with a 4 oz. meat (sometimes it’s grilled chicken, lean pork chop, lean ham, turkey sausage, etc.) and I rely on my digital scale to help with portioning. I try to have a sweet potato with salt (3-4 pp) and some type of 0 point food… broccoli, cucumber, green beans, etc. Some days I have a side of kidney or black beans instead of the potato.

If I can, I try to leave a few points at the end of the day to cover up and skewed calculations in points.

How do you breakdown your daily points? I’m interested in learning about your game plan and how you make Weight Watchers (or some other plan) work for you.




4 thoughts on “Grocery Haul | What I’m eating this week

  1. I definitely cannot be trusted with split second food decisions. I pre cook and plan my lunches and breakfasts every sunday. I do smoothie kits and protein, starch, veg, fruit, lunch kits. Which usually consist of exactly what you just said. 4 oz of lean protein, chicken or fish, 1/4 of a roasted sweet pot., 1c of green veggies, 1 serving of fruit, apple, cantaloupe, etc. This really cuts down on my acting up during the day and gives me the liberty of being able to have freedom from calorie counting throughout the day and driving myself nuts. 😉 Really good tips for new foods! Thanks for the info!

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