Random Thoughts

As I sit as my desk eating lunch I have realized that I have a lot floating around in my noggin’ so I figured I would purge it all out in a Random Thoughts post.

  • I used Hellmann’s Light Raspberry Vinaigrette on my salad today. Yum! It’s so good and only 2 pp for 2 T.
  • Did you catch my blog post about how to get that awful mildew-y smell out of towels? You can read it here.
  • I’m taking my scale away from myself this week. Here’s my problem… I weigh everyday. I used to weigh a couple times a week, but now I’m an everyday weigher. I know that weight fluctuates day-to-day, but I like to know that I’m on track. This week I weighed on Monday morning and will not weigh again til my weekly weigh in on Friday morning. Hopefully this will make me stick to my guns, track everything and eat healthy!
  • I’ve found two new pieces of furniture that are ready for rehab! I’m looking forward to getting started on a small table this week. Those seem to go over really well in the flea market booth. Speaking of the booth, my sales have been off the chain this month! What’s selling, you ask? Anything and everything. Mostly home decor… antiques and new stuff. I’m trying to find more fall stuff since cooler weather will be here soon.
  • The husband and I have been house hunting and I would be lying if I said it wasn’t hard. We were told last night that one of our favorite picks was already rented. Booo! On top of that, most nice places I find have income restrictions that we are far from meeting. Double Booo!
  • My husband has orientation today and tomorrow for his new job and his first day in the clinic is Wednesday. I am so excited for him! It’s awesome to get up together in the mornings and then come home around the same time to discuss our days. We had that routine when he was on a rotation close to home. Can’t wait to get back to it!
  • Speaking of work, I’ve got a busy week myself! Better finish my salad and get back to business.

Once again, thanks for reading!


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