Update: 25 before 25 list

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you may have read my 25 before 25 post that I wrote in January, right after turning 24. I composed a list of things to accomplish, see, and do before my 25th birthday.

I hit “24 1/2” last week and figured it was time to reflect on my list and see how I’m doing halfway into my 24th year. Here’s my original list and I’ve added a little update underneath each. Enjoy!

1. Try my hand at smoothie making

I haven’t even thought about making a smoothie…

2. Throw an awesome graduation party

We did it! I hosted a party to celebrate Jeremy’s graduation in May. You can read about it here.

3. Make a change to my mane

I’ve got an appointment on Saturday, August 2. What am I going to do with my long locks? I have no clue! Keeping it blonde for the rest of the summer/early fall… but some length definitely needs to ย come off… Stay tuned.

4. Make homemade pasta

Whenever we get to this, I will definitely blog about it. I’m picturing a cool fall night, glasses of wine, and a date night in.

5. Become more organized

Do you know how hard it is to be organized when you live with your parents and basically moved a 2-bed, 2-bath apartment into my old bedroom? We’re stretched between my bedroom, a “storage bedroom” full of stuff at my parents, a barn, and a storage unit. With that being said, I could totally spend an afternoon organizing my office. No excuses there!

So, long story short – I’m not any more organized now than I was in January.

6. Buy a D-SLR camera

Did it! Love my Canon Rebel!

7. Get a puppy

This won’t be happening til we move out of my parent’s house, and hopefully we will find a pet friendly place to live. I’m worried we won’t have time to properly take care and train a puppy…

8. Play more golf

Hasn’t happened… Oh wait, I did go to the driving range once.

9. Create more

I’ve been working on furniture DIY projects like crazy! Here’s my latest $4 find. I’ve priced it at $32. You can read my full post here.


10. Move out of my parent’s house

Nope. We’re still there, but… exciting news! Jeremy got a job!!!!

I am so proud of him and excited that I can’t stand it. He has an appointment with the HR department this morning to complete his paperwork and he’ll start with orientation early next week and will hopefully be working in the clinic by mid-week.

This position is an awesome opportunity to learn from therapists who have proven to be successful in the outreach clinic setting. Having a mentor was one of Jeremy’s “wants” for his first job as a physical therapist. This opportunity is perfect!

We expect to move in a month or two.

11. Pay it forward

Yes! I’ve paid for my fellow McDonald’s lovers breakfasts on occasion. I love watching people’s reaction in my rear-view mirror when the cashier tells them that they owe nothing! Unfortunately it bothers me when they pull ahead to the next window without paying for the person behind me… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Let’s keep this pay-it-forward train rolling, people!

12. Open a booth at a local flea market

I opened a booth at a local flea market called Mike’s Unique in June with two friends. We are having a blast so far! Here are a couple photos I snapped yesterday when adding a few goodies to the shelves…




13. Pay down debts

Ummm… yeah, I’ll get to that later… In reality, we will much better off once Jeremy starts receiving paychecks ๐Ÿ™‚

14. Make Shutterfly books

I’m kicking myself for not doing this yet! I even have a coupon code for a free book. No excuses!

15. Get outside

I will say yes, I have been spending much more time outside since we’ve been taking evening walks.

16. Learn how to make chimichurri

Nope, not yet!

17. Exercise more regularly

I’ve knocked this one out of the park!!! I exercise for at least an hour three times a week! Boom!

18. Blog more, share more

Starting Weight Watchers has encouraged me to blog more. My newly found blog friends are encouraging and make me want to post more. I’m also checking my WordPress Reader more often to see what is going on in the blog world. I truly enjoy reading other weight loss blogs, recipes, and tips and tricks to becoming/staying healthy and fit.

19. Take Jeremy to a game

We haven’t done that yet. He is wanting to go to a Sporting KC game in the near future.

20. Get rid of what I don’t need

I’ve taken small steps toward this. Since I’ve lost 25 pounds I have a lot of clothes that don’t fit. I’ve been selling them on Facebook groups to make a little extra cash – which I’ve been using to buy pants that actually fit.

21. Take more pictures and videos

Easier said than done. I need to make a point that I take my camera everywhere we go.

22. Pick and blog name and buy a URL

I’m checking out a few themes that are in the $75 to $100 range. They are incredibly cute and seem like they are easy to use. I won’t bite the bullet on this until I come up with a perfectly catchy name.

23. Get away

We loved our getaway to North Carolina in June. It was a great way to celebrate Jeremy’s graduation! You can read about our adventures here.

24. Take better care of myself

Manis and pedis, please! I have made a point to keep up with this, but it is a little straining on the wallet.

25. Become a domestic goddess

I plan on picking up right where I left off as soon as we move out. And, for the record, I won’t call myself a goddess… I enjoy cooking and decorating… the cleaning part, not so much.


9 thoughts on “Update: 25 before 25 list

  1. I LOVE the idea of an X before X list. I truly hate the notion of a bucket list. Earlier this year a long time friend died and all I could think about was his unfinished bucket list. But an X before X list doesn’t ring of that same finality. I may be stealing this idea (with credit to my inspiration)

  2. Ugh. I want to go to your Flea Market booth! That mirror with the white border would be perfect in our guest room! That table you refurbished looks awesome, too, by the way. That’s something I want to start getting into! I loved reading this! Good for you, knocking all this stuff out in half a year. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Congrats to Jeremy and his new job! Always exciting to have that more stable feeling.

    My sister just bought that exact same camera and she’s loving it. She decided it would come in handy way better for her blog than her old iPhone.

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