WW Update: Week 16 & 17 Results

Hi there! Due to last Friday being a holiday I chose not to do a blog post. And, quite frankly I stunk it up at the end of week 16 and didn’t have much to show for. I promise week 17 went much better. Keep reading if you’d like more details!

For week 16, I gained 0.8 pounds for a total of 20.6 pounds lost. (I am +1.6 from my lowest point at Week 12)

I ate great for most of the week but Thursday came and I had a big time craving for pad thai. Then on Friday I followed up with Chinese for lunch. Two sodium-rich meals ruined me! After the 4th of July festivities I recommitted myself to this weight loss thing and beating the hump I’ve been struggling to get over the past 4 weeks. That’s where I’ll end my discussion of week 16.

For week 17, I lost 4.8 pounds for a total of 25.4 pounds lost.

Adios, 4 week slump. I kicked your ass!

My staples for this week have been:
– Fresh fruits and veggies.
– Lots of salads.

My saving grace this week:
– Weighing my food on a digital kitchen scale and sticking to proper portions.
– Not eating more than I need. For example, I came home last night from PiYO and was super hungry. I don’t eat dinner before my 7 p.m. classes. My parents had grilled pork chops, so I trimmed the fat off of one and weighed it. I steamed one yellow squash, and then started to cut a cucumber to eat with a Laughing Cow Cheese Wedge. I stopped myself before I sliced the cucumber and thought… am I really hungry enough for this cucumber? Maybe I should wait until I finish my pork chop and squash and then if I’m still hungry I’ll eat it. Well guess what, I was full after my meat and veggie and stopped eating. It worked.

Featured meal this week:
Yellow Squash Casserole is rocking my world!

Photo courtesy of Google Images

Eating out this week:
We ate at Olive Garden, but I ordered soup and salad to keep myself in line. A couple salads from Hyvee this week. Can’t get enough of their fresh options on the salad bar!

Working out this week:
-Missed Zumba on Monday because I was running late and I hated it!
-5 a.m. PiYO on Tuesday & 5-mile walk at Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield on Tuesday. I don’t think I’ve ever worked out twice in one day! That’s a win!
– PiYO on Thursday night.

Visible changes this week:
Exciting news – I finally took my rings in to get sized. I had been putting it off until I couldn’t stand it anymore and I hit that mark on Wednesday. As I was typing at my desk, my rings were flying all over the place. It’s strange how much weight I’ve lost in my hands. Before sizing, my engagement ring was a 7.5 and my wedding band was a 7. When I get my rings back in 2 weeks, they will be 5.75 in size. What, what!??! See ya later, sausage fingers.

Goals for next week:
Continue to eat healthy, attend Zumba and PiYO, and walk at Wilson’s Creek. We’re planning to walk this evening.

Motivation and new goals:
Like most women, I believe that there’s nothing better than a new outfit. When you feel good about yourself, you are more likely to achieve goals and results. Recently, I have found Fabletics and am loving how a new workout get-up can make me want to get moving!

Fabletics is a subscription-type site for athletic wear. The clothes are unique, well-made, and fashionable. Kate Hudson is the big name behind the brand.

Here’s how it works: You sign up and get a great deal on your first outfit. Each month you’ll be emailed new outfits that fit your preference. You can purchase separates or outfits… I tend to go for outfits, or you can purchase nothing for the month. You have the choice to purchase or skip before the 5th of the month. If you do neither, your credit card will be charged $50 and that money will be waiting for you in your bank. You will be able to spend it later. There are benefits for me if you click my link and then make a purchase. Here’s my referral link: http://www.fabletics.com/invite/andreagraddy/

The first outfit I purchased. Two pieces for $24.95 and free shipping! (discounted because it was my first buy)
I love these leggings. They are well made. I was worried about them being hot because they are a thick material, however the material does a great job wicking sweat away from your body.

I cant wait for this outfit to arrive in my mailbox. It will be perfect for PiYO! All 3 pieces for $59.95.




I purchased a new accessory and wore it for the first time yesterday. Junk headbands are popular among runner and Crossfitters to keep sweat from your eyes. I had been having a horrible time with this and was so happy to hear numerous recommendations for these headbands. I bought my first one and love it! After working out last night my headband was soaked in sweat. That means it was working! Here’s a post-workout selfie I snapped showing off my Junk!



The last thing I want to touch on before this post gets too terribly long is setting a new goal for myself. Since I hit the 25 pound mark I’m wondering, what’s next?

My new goal is to lose 14.6 pounds before September 1st. That gives me about 7 weeks. I will need to work hard and eat clean, but I know I can do it. That will put me at 40 pounds lost in 6 months! For some added motivation, I’ve done a little digging through my photos on Facebook and found what I believe to me photos of me at this new goal weight. These are from the summer of 2010. I was the ripe age of 20.


Sunbathing at Lake Thunderbird in Cherokee Village, Arkansas.



That’s me in the yellow and my beautiful sister-in-law Megan in the green.



Hanging out with my work buddies “Little Jane” and Melodie. This may have been my last day working at the bank. I remember sucking in for this photo. Ha!

Here we go! 40 pounds lost or bust!



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