Thoughts on Thursday

I’ve had a lot of random thoughts floating through my head lately and haven’t written a “Random Thoughts” section at the bottom of a post recently. Apparently I’ve been saving them up for a post dedicated to all the things floating around in my noggin’.

  • Jeremy and I are so excited that our friends/cousins Nick & Sydney are expecting a baby! Baby A will be here in January. I took a couple announcement photos for them on July 4th. We know Baby A will be loved and spoiled to death!!

    Sydney just started a blog, here’s the link.




  • The scale has been good to me this week… wait, I have been good to the scale this week and I’m excited to track my weight tomorrow morning and catch up on my weekly updates since I skipped out on posting last week.
  • My parents’ garden is producing lots of zucchini and squash. We’ve got lots of yellow squash to eat and found a new recipe that is ridiculously good. I’ll be posting it tomorrow as part of my update, but here’s a link.
  • The job that my husband had interviewed twice for has been taken off the job listings site with the company and we haven’t heard an official word, but an insider told us that someone else got the job. My hubby felt pretty deflated about it for a couple days, but we’ve got new leads and two more interviews set up. Things are looking up! Just waiting (patiently and not so patiently at times) on God to give us direction – what’s meant to be will be.
  • I’ve been thinking about a couple blog posts that I want to put together that I think my readers will enjoy. “How to dress a shrinking body – without breaking the bank” and “The 10 things I always keep in my kitchen” … help me out, would those topics be of interest to you? Leave me a comment to let me know your thoughts, or if you have other post suggestions.
  • Someone tipped their hat at me for having an inspiring blog! How cool is that?


Part of being nominated includes a few guidelines so that the nomination train keeps rolling. I’ll do my best to follow those guidelines…

Thank you, Bobby-C for the nomination. Bobby has an awesome blog about losing weight on the Weight Watchers system and offers a refreshing take on staying on track, eating at restaurants, etc. I encourage you to follow his health blog here.

Another thing is that I have to list 7 facts about myself…

  1. I am married to Jeremy – my best friend and personal comedian. Currently, we live with my parents because he lived across the country for several months on clinical rotations. He’s back now (hooray!) and we will move out when he finds a job.
  2. I work in healthcare marketing, specifically physical therapy.
  3. The Ohio State University is a passion of mine. Total Buckeye over here!
  4. I really enjoy cooking and baking. There’s nothing better than trying a new recipe and loving it.
  5. We are blessed to have a large family… awesome parents and brothers and sisters. On top of that, we have a ridiculous amount of aunts and uncles and cousins living across the country. When we have children, they will be so lucky to have such a large family!
  6. I started blogging about 2 years ago to document my wedding planning efforts. My blog has evolved so much since then and I am grateful to have nearly 100 WordPress followers. Thanks, gang!
  7. I’m artistic. I love to draw, paint, and create.

Finally, I will link to other blogs I find inspiring…

Truth is, I don’t follow a ton of blogs. But you may like one of these! I tried to give you a little description about the topics these bloggers cover. I don’t follow many WordPress blogs about weight loss, but I’m always looking for more!

Have a great Thursday! See you tomorrow for my weekly update.




2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Thursday

  1. You are very welcome. I love reading your blog.

    I am interested in dressing the shrinking body without breaking the bank. Most of my pants are gathered very in attractively in the back and I fear seeing them on the floor at a very bad time.

    Hopefully you will have tips for shrinking dudes too. ☺

  2. I am really looking forward to your post on addressing a shirking size. I’ve spent a lot of time on eBay or at Kohls with a 30% coupon but it still is pricey! I need some serious help:-)

    Thanks for the nod towards my blog. I think your is pretty awesome too! Lots of prayers for your husband’s job search. The right one will come along soon!

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