Must-have Monday: Milani Extreme Eye Tech Eyeliner

It’s been so long! I’m thrilled to back in the MHM game. Let’s get going…

This week I present to you, Milani’s Extreme Eye Tech Eyeliner in Black.



Why is it a must-have? I suck at liquid eyeliner, true story. With this eyeliner, I consider myself a liquid eyeliner wearer. The thin-tapered felt tip is a dream. In the past I struggled with traditional liquid eyeliner applicators. I ended up with eyeliner everywhere EXCEPT for my lash line.

I’m an artistic person and I totally feel like this is why I’ve had success with this product. It’s like using a little marker.



I have had this eyeliner for months. I need to replace it because I have noticed some drying in the product. Even though this eyeliner is far from new I’m still getting a bold line at even light pressure. I like the slightly shiny black appearance, too. The light line on the right was me barely brushing the skin…. I mean barely. Perfect for lower lash line definition. The swatch above does not do this liner justice.

One reason I love this eyeliner is the staying power. This baby doesn’t budge. It claims to be waterproof – and I’ll be the first to tell you that it’s not. You’re not going to be able to shower, swim, etc. without a little “raccoon” action.

One thing it is, is sweat proof. I can sweat my booty off and this eyeliner does not budge. I will rub my eyes with my shirt while working out (usually because I get sweat in my eyes – currently searching for an awesome sweat-wicking headband.. more on that later) and this eyeliner doesn’t budge. My mascara will smudge, but not this eyeliner. Love that.

Cost:Β The $7 range.

Where to buy:Β In my opinion, Milani products can be tricky to find. In my area, I buy Milani at Kmart CVS stores. I have seen Milani at Walmarts in other states.

There you have it, another product recommendation from me to you. I hope that you’ll consider this eyeliner if you’re in the market for a liquid liner that’s fool (and sweat) proof.


Random Thoughts:

  • Loving NYX lip products right now. Mmmm butter glosses!
  • My husband is still waiting to hear about a job that he has had 2 interviews for – it’s driving us nuts. Tomorrow marks 3 weeks since his first interview.
  • What are your plans for 4th of July? I’m looking forward to a 4-day work week.
  • I’m waiting on a couple shipments of online purchases to arrive. Those leopard Tom’s and my first Fabletics outfit!



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