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WW Update: Week 15 Results

Good morning! Another week has come and gone and here I am writing another update post.

For week 15, I lost 0 pounds for a total of 21.4 pounds lost. (I am +0.8 from my lowest point at Week 12)

Let me preface this post by saying I was REALLY hungry this week. I worked out a lot, which I know can contribute to being hungry, but my hunger was on another level! As you can see, I balanced out at the end of the week but I definitely was up and down all week. I shouldn’t have weighed myself everyday, but I did.

My staples for this week have been:
– Still eating wraps. I’ve started to like spicy mustard on them, just to add a kick!
– Lunch meals have been all over the place. Mostly loving Hyvee’s salad bar. I’m sick of the Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers at this point.
– Cookies, if I’m being honest.

My saving grace this week:
– Using salad plates. Have you noticed how big dinner plates are these days? Huge! The set my mom has are square and the dinner plates are at least 12″ squares. Ridiculous! I’ve been using the salad plates which are half the size. It limits how much food I put on my plate, and plus, my plate looks full. In most photos I post on the blog my food is actually on a salad plate.
– Getting my body moving.

Featured meal this week:
Healthy Chicken Parmesan! I found the recipe on Pinterest and made it for the hubby and I on Sunday. (If you’re not following me on Pinterest, do it now!) I’m sorry to say I cannot find the link to the recipe I used as a guide, but here’s something very similar: http://www.skinnytaste.com/2009/04/baked-chicken-parmesan.html.

Eating out this week:
Bad. I was bad. Let’s see, where do I begin? On Saturday, the hubby and I had a gift card to Chili’s so we went out for a fajita lunch. Not horrible, right? Well, like I’ve said before chips and salsa got the best of me. This time guacamole was to blame too. I was so miserable and incredibly full. After a cat nap that afternoon I proceeded to make Cake Batter Chocolate Cookies and Charleston Cheese Dip to munch on with friends. Bad ideas! At their house I also had a burger, beans, and veggies. I wasn’t hungry but I ate. Bad.

I had hibachi food on Tuesday. I’m proud of myself for ordering vegetables as my entree, but I ate ALL the rice and noodles. Carbs much? Bad.

Pizza was my weakness for dinner on Wednesday and then for lunch on Thursday. Bad.


Working out this week:
– 2-hour Zumba on Saturday morning (70 mins Zumba, 50 mins toning) = feel the burn!
– Zumba on Monday night
– PiYO on Tuesday morning (5 a.m.) and Thursday night

I was kind of a work out beast and I’m proud of it.

Visible changes this week:
Nothing visible really, but I feel stronger. My push-up form is getting better and I’m feeling my muscles work hard as I do push-ups. My abs have been sore after PiYO this week and that is definitely one place where I need much more strength.

Speaking of the abdominal area, I have been having some strange stomach pains this week. After eating, my stomach feels hard and it hurts. I’m wondering if I am eating too much that I am uncomfortable and then when you add sore abs to the mix you get a recipe for one sore tummy. What do you all think?

My husband suggested I eat smaller meals, and add snacks into my eating routine.

Goals for next week:
Do 5am PiYO again. Track everyday.



One thought on “WW Update: Week 15 Results

  1. 0 loss is also 0 gain. You maintained for a week. That’s great!

    Sometimes we need a break from the weight loss to get in some indulgence. I love your idea of using the salad plate, I may have to try that myself. I also like that you are being accountable and honest in a public way. With the encouragement from we blog buddies, you will have a fantastic week this week.

    Keep up the good work.

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