Thanks for the gift, Weight Watchers!

The Weight Watchers social media team was kind enough to send me a thoughtful gift basket after reading one of my recipe posts.

Inside the box was a kit to make herb-infused Olive oil so that I can continue to cook healthy WW-friendly recipes.

Inside the rather large basket I found:
– The 3 pot planter and tray
– Tool for cutting herbs and a wood block
– A glass bottle
– And recipe inspiration cards!

Such a kind, thoughtful, and creative gift! The PR-lover in me is obsessed with how extremely creative and budget friendly (for WW) this basket is.

This afternoon, Jeremy and I planted the basil, oregano, and parsley seeds that were included.


I can’t wait for the herbs to sprout and grow! If you have made or use herb-infused oil please let me know if you have tips and/or tricks that can help us. I will be sure to post photos of the herbs as they grow and of our first bottle of oil.


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