WW Update: Week 11 Results (20 lb. landmark!)

Super excited to be writing this post. The title gives away the good news…

For week 11, I lost 3.2 pounds for a total of 20 pounds lost.

Thinking back on the week, two things come to mind. One, I drank alcohol. I expected that to be a hindrance on my weight loss, but nope! Two, I worked hard. I was pretty determined to hit this goal by the end of week 11 and I am proud of myself for reaching it.

My staples for this week have been:
– Again, the Jello Sugar Free Pudding Cups. Perfect dessert.
– Portion control and measuring my foods on the digital scale. I had gotten away from this and had been eyeballing the past couple weeks. Not a good plan.
– Sabra brand hummus. Jeremy and I love the roasted red pepper flavor. (2 tables for 2 PointsPlus).

My saving grace this week:
– Working out!
– Willpower. I really wanted to make it to 20 and I did not cut corners.

Featured meal this week:
I’ve become I wrapper! There was a post on Pinterest that inspired me to use the Laughing Cow cream cheeses in wraps with veggies that inspired me to begin wrapping. Here’s how I wrap:

Flatout Light Italian Wraps: 90 calories (for you calorie counters) and 2 PointsPlus

Laughing Cow Cream Cheese Wedges – Garden Vegetable, Garlic & Herb, or whatever you like! 45 calories or 1 PointsPlus per wedge. I feel like 1 wedge per wrap is the perfect amount of cheese.

The variables:

  • I’ve been using 2 oz. of Jennie-O Mesquite Turkey in mine (1 PP)
  • A couple handfuls of torn baby spinach leaves (O PP, of course)
  • Sliced baby cucumber (0 PP)

What I would like to try:

  • Go Mediterranean with hummus, olives, maybe sliced chicken from the deli?
  • Any recommendations, let me know!

Eating out this week:
The weekend was tough. We ate at HuHot following graduation on Saturday. I did pretty well. I know what to stay away from at HuHot since we go there frequently. I didn’t track…

I hosted Jeremy’s graduation party on Saturday (I will link that post here when it is finished!) where I munched on appetizers and cookies and had 3 beers and 2 martinis. Yikes.

The only other time I ate out during week 11 was when I forgot to bring lunch to work. I grabbed a bite at Panera: 1/2 Mediterranean veggie and a cup of their new lemon chicken orzo soup. (Note: The soup was okay. If you’re shooting for low points, go for the Chicken Noodle or Garden Veggie. Just my opinion!)

Working out this week:
– Zumba on Monday & Thursday.
– Walked on Wednesday for 30 minutes.

Visible changes this week:
Big things happening in this department.

The bad news: I no longer have jeans that fit well. My work pants are very loose and I’m constantly pulling them up.

The good news: Jeremy overloaded the closet shelf and it all came tumbling to the ground. While cleaning up the aftermath, I found 4 pairs of dress pants that I totally forgotten about. I don’t think I had worn any of them since 2011 (holy shit). The great news: 1 pair was too big, 2 pair fit well, and 1 pair will be perfect in 2 weeks time. Score!

Goals for next week:
– Continue to attend Zumba classes and take evening walks. Basically, keep moving!
– Try some new wrap recipes!

(Goals I set for last week that I achieved: Went to Zumba on Memorial Day, practiced moderate self-control during graduation festivities and the fatty foods that danced in front of my face. took an evening walk.)

Can’t get enough of Jessica Simpson. Everything she does is gold (can’t get enough of her purses, shoes, clothes, accessories…)

, including her Weight Watchers success.

Defining transformation: Jessica Simpson posted two pictures in which she sports dramatically muscular thighs and defined calves on Monday night

Damn girl!

Alright, that’s it for this week. Let’s keep this crazy train rollin’!


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