Jeremy’s Graduation | Beers & Cheers Party

One thing I wanted to do for Jeremy to celebrate his big accomplishment was to throw him a party. I searched Etsy for the perfect invitation and began planning his Beers & Cheers party.

I booked a private room at a local bar & lounge. The Parlor 88 Olive Room was the perfect intimate and modern location for our gathering. The catering manager was very easy to work with and helped me create a small spread of appetizers for our gang. I chose BLT Croustinis, Jalapeno Popper Dip served with tortilla chips, and boneless buffalo and barbeque wings.

It wasn’t a party without dessert! I ordered 4 dozen cookies from a local bakery to satisfy those with a sweet tooth! (Which was me, duh.)

Our bartender Alicia was great! I couldn’t have asked for better service. She kept our beers full and empty plates off the tables. Not to mention, she helped pack up the left over food and decorations. She definitely deserved the rockin’ Google review I wrote this week.

Here are some of the better photos taken from the party. The camera was passed around quite a bit, so I can’t take credit for all the snaps.

To those of you who attended: Thank you so much for supporting Jeremy and taking time out of your evening to stop by! We truly appreciate everyone’s support over the past 3 years and encouraging words for his job search.




Melodie and Andie

J and me


Family 2

Dave and Jill

Cale and More


at the bar


This wraps up the graduation posts. I will be sure to update the blog on Jeremy’s job search and the beginning of his career as a physical therapist.


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