Jeremy’s Graduation | Reception

If you’ve kept up with my blog over time you may already know that my husband has been finishing Physical Therapy school and clinical rotations out of state. (I will link related posts here.) I am proud to announce that Jeremy graduated from Southwest Baptist University on Saturday, May 24 with a Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy. We are so excited this school phase is over and are looking forward to a no studying, no class, dual income future!

I have three blog posts with details and photos from our big weekend. This is the first, with photos from the lunch reception held at SBU on Friday, May 23rd. The program included introduction of the professors, research award presentation, special award presentations, a handsome guy that talked about his Brazil medical mission trip, and a light lunch.

*Please remember that I am no photographer!*

J speakingJeremy speaking about his mission trip on the Amazon River, the people he met, the purpose of the trip, and called others to stay in contact with the SBU Global Outreach Team to serve on mission teams as alumni.

J awardReceiving his medal! (Sorry for the bad photo taking! I’m not ballsy enough to get up and move to take a photo.)

class photoThe entire SBU DPT Class of 2014.

sis and broJeremy with his sister Brooke. Check out that fancy medal!

FamilyThe soon-to-be doctor with his sister and mom.



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