WW Update: Week 8 Results

It’s finally Friday. I’ve been looking forward to weighing myself all week. The past 2 or 3 weeks I’ve weighed myself every other day just to see if I was on track to lose pounds for the week. In the beginning I only weighed on Fridays. I refrained from stepped on the scale (except for once) until Friday this week and am glad I did. It makes the results much more sweet!

If you keep up with my update posts you will know that I’ve been eyeing the 15-pound mark for a couple weeks. I’m happy to report that I hit it! At the end of Week 8, I lost 2.6 pounds for a total of 15.6 pounds lost.

I did a quick Google to search to have a reference point as to how much 15 pounds really is. Here’s what I came up with (courtesy of Wishful Shrinking):

  • 19″ flat screen TV
  • Bowling Ball
  • 2,000 paint balls (what the heck?)
  • Medium bag of dog food

I also learned that I have lost more weight than:

  • a bald eagle weighs
  • an average housecat weighs
  • and in .4 more pounds I will have lost the weight of a sperm whale’s brain (nifty fact!)

My staples for this week have been:
– Fresh fruits! Bananas, kiwi, apples, and strawberries.

My saving grace this week:
– Staying active, which is much harder than it sounds.
– Not using any indulgence points and sometimes ending my day with 5-7 points to spare.

Featured meal this week:
I did very little cooking this week. I ate what my parents made for dinner, but watched my portions. Now that I think back, we all ate pretty healthy this week.

Eating out this week:
On Friday we ate a lunch catered to the office for a meeting with a chiropractor’s office. Since I’m in charge of these types of events, I am in charge of food. I went with a Greek salad and panini tray. I had a small panini and lots of delicious salad. Kalamata olives are my jam!

We had a Fiesta at work to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and that meant enchiladas, beans, rice, chips and salsa and cheese galore. I had one plate at work… I had one chicken enchilada, with small portions of beans and rice. I covered everything with salsa and had very few chips. I ended up with a killer headache that afternoon and I’m blaming it on eating unhealthy!

Working out this week:
Because of my headache on Monday and another one on Thursday I did not go to Zumba at all this week. I was bummed about it!

I did manage to take a casual walk with my husband on Sunday. I also walked Tuesday and Wednesday, did some crunches, push-ups, and planks. Hello, sore abs!

Visible changes this week:
My pants are getting even looser. I’m not sure how much longer I can go before I have to replace my favorite pair of black work pants.

My stomach is getting smaller and I may be seeing a tiny change in my arms.

Goals for next week:
– Get back to Zumba! Maybe go to Saturday morning’s toning class.
– Stay in control. Jeremy comes home tonight and we will definitely be celebrating his return this weekend. We have already decided that we’re going to Olive Garden on Saturday. I know that the Veggie Lasagna is a safe choice for me there.

(Goals I set for last week that I achieved: Limiting eating out.)

I can’t believe Week 9 starts today. This Weight Watchers thing is working and I’m loving it! I’m totally looking forward to losing as much weight as a car tire – 20 pounds!


One thought on “WW Update: Week 8 Results

  1. Way to go!!! I love your list of things that weigh 15 pounds. I was thinking of making a list like that for my blog. Hope you don’t mind if I shamelessly steal your idea. 🙂

    Keep up the great work!

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