Review: Biore Ultra Deep Cleansing Pore Strips

Nobody likes a clogged pore – especially my husband. You see, he’s got a nose full of them and this weekend we set out on an adventure to help his poor pores.

He knows that I’m a YouTube junkie and thought we should consult YT vids for product suggestions. A few videos we watched recommended using a clothes steamer to open and loosen up your pores prior to cleaning them out. We thought that was a great idea! We received a really nice quality clothes steamer for our wedding and haven’t used it yet. Quickly we ran into a problem, where is the freaking steamer? We decided we’ll use the steamer once we move out of my parents and can actually locate our things.

(Because he’s not proud of his pores, I didn’t use his before and after photos for this post so you’ll be looking at my nose.)

The products used are:


  • Biore Ultra Deep Cleansing Pore Strips ($5-6)
  • Clean & Clear Deep Cleaning Astringent ($5-6)

Neither Jeremy or myself had ever used pore strips and we loved it~ I like using a product when you can see immediate results. Here’s how we used the products, step by step.

1. It was a no-makeup weekend for me so I started by cleansing my face with my Neutrogena Naturals Cleanser (read my skincare routine post). If I had makeup on, I would have removed it with a wipe before washing my face.
2. I wet my nose and dried my hands, then applied the pore strip. My biggest problem areas are the sides of my nostrils so I made sure the strip got down in that crevice.


3. I set a 15-minute timer. It too everything I had to not put moisturizer on my thirsty skin. We quickly noticed the pore strip becoming plaster-like.

4. After the timer went off, the removal process began. I started pulling from the outside in, going very slowly. I loosened the edges working toward the center of my nose one side at a time. Then I pulled from the top down. The entire process was painless, but this did make my eyes water a bit. The key is to pull slowly so that the gunk is pulled out of your pores as the plaster-like strip comes off your nose.

5. Then, I applied toner to my nose and the rest of my face using a cotton pad. Yes, there was a sting! Just remember that your skin is cleaned and rid of gunk so your pores are definitely soaking in the toner. The Clean & Clear toner we chose has 2% salicylic acid. There were .5% options for those of you who want to take a more cautious approach.

6. The toner should dry quickly and then it is time to quench the skin with moisturizer! I’ve been having a few problems spots on my skin so I used an acne fighting face lotion by Neutrogena but used my sensitive skin moisturizer around my eyes.

Here are my before and after shots:

before on the left, after on the right

Would I repurchase this product? Yes, I think it is beneficial for my skin. I can see what it removed from my skin on the pad. I am not sure how often I’ll be using them, but when I notice a pore problem I’ll know what to do.

Is the product worth the price? I think so. If this can extend my time between costly facials I would consider it a win.

Does the product live up to its claims? Mostly. It does unclog pores and leave the skin clean. Jeremy has more visible, larger pores on his nose than me. He was hoping for a quick fix didn’t get as wonderful of results as he wanted. I think that if he keeps up with the products we purchased (also picked up a deep cleaning exfoliating daily cleanser and his own sensitive skin moisturizer) he will see results over time. Will he actually do it? Who knows, but I’ve done my best to arm him with the proper tools.

For someone like me who has average pores, I think this product is a hit. If you have tried these pore strips, successfully or otherwise, please let me know what your experience was. I’m curious to hear what you all have to say!


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