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Weekend in Photos: Hanging out with Carson

My newest cousin, Carson, took his first airplane ride on Friday to visit his aunts, uncles, and cousins in Missouri. A big thank you to his mommy and daddy for sharing him with us!

Enjoy these sweet snapshots from our weekend…

CMA close up

Carson just turned 7 weeks old today, so he was 6 and a half weeks in these photos.

CMA mohawk

CMA Dad 2Meeting Uncle Bret

CMA and dad

CMA MomAnd Aunt Stacie

CMA and mommyCarson loves his mommy

CMA feet

CMA Nick SydHanging out with his cousins Nick & Sydney

CMA Syd Snuggles


CMA funny face

CMA Sydney 2

CMA Smiles

CMA loves Syd

CMA Nick laughWe all know what that face means!

CMA KrystalMeeting cousin Krystal

CMA Relaxing

CMA three cousinsThree happy cousins!

Then, came the yawns… I think we wore him out.

CMA Yawns again

CMA big yawn

CMA yawn

I miss his sweet snuggles already. I am kicking myself for not taking more photos (98 isn’t enough) and missing out on getting photos with more of his Missouri family. There’s always next time!

It’s safe to say that we all have baby fever after Kristina and Carson left… me included.



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