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WW Update: Week 6 Results

Have I seriously been doing this for 6 weeks? It’s been a fast month and a half.

I am super happy to report that I lost 1.4 pounds in week 6 to bring my total to 12 pounds.

I’m feeling really good. I have energy, my headaches have been less frequent (however my back/neck was jacked up earlier this week), and I feel lighter. Feeling lighter is a weird feeling. At Zumba last night I rested by weights on my shoulders during the water break in between songs. My weights are 2.5 pounds, so I had 5 pounds resting on my shoulders. It was heavy! It makes me realize how happy my body must be not to be carrying around 12 extra pounds.

My staples for this week have been:
– Turkey sandwiches on Thomas Bagel Thins! I love the ‘everything’ flavor and quite frankly I was getting sick of whole wheat everything. Give these a shot. Only 3 points and they have bold flavor. Add a couple ounces of turkey and boom – delicious sandwich.

– Still eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies.

My saving grace this week:
– I didn’t eat out. Well, we had pizza for lunch at work. That’s it! I attribute this to (1) not going to Wichita this weekend and (2) I was adamant about packing lunches for work and making healthy dinner choices at home.

Featured meal this week:
We had a holiday during week 6… Easter! Here’s how I survived Easter. Portion Control. Using my food scale to put only 3 oz of lean ham on my plate (better trim off all that fat!). I had a sweet potato when the rest of my family had baked potatoes. I had lots of veggies, two deviled eggs, and I splurged on a roll. It has heavenly! Have I mentioned how much I love bread?

I made two healthy meals with the ham leftovers. One was an omelette packed with 1 oz lean ham, baby bell peppers, diced onion, zucchini, and reduced fat cheese with a little salsa on top. Super filling and super easy.

The other was a ham and pineapple pizza! I used a Mama Mary’s crust, lean ham, canned pineapple chunks, homemade marinara, fat free mozzarella and crushed red pepper. Spicy and sweet!

Eating out this week:
Like I said above, had pizza at work, nothing more!

Working out this week:
Two nights of Zumba this week! That’s it.

Goals for next week:
– Zumba twice!
– Behave when it comes to portion control. My aunt is flying in with Baby Carson this evening and there will be a trip to the pizza restaurant again this week. I have to stick to 2 pieces.

(Goals I set for last week that I achieved: Zumba twice, not eat out)

Oh, here’s something exciting to mention — I was contacted by Weight Watchers via Twitter and they had seen my blog post of Creamy Ranch Chicken Pasta. They are sending me a surprise gift pack so that I can continue cooking healthy meals! Can’t wait to see what is included. I am sure a cookbook will be involved. Their social media rep said that I could expect it in 2 weeks and that was about a week ago. I’ll post when it arrives!

Look out week 7… Here I come! I have got that 15 pound mark in my sights.

Have a great weekend! I hope there is warm weather where you are. Get outside and soak up the sun!


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