Thought for the day – It’s okay to screw up!


This totally spoke to me the past few days — And I am NOT a quote-loving, find inspiration in a pile of dirt kind of person.

Here’s what I get from this… It’s okay to have a bad day. It’s okay to screw up. It’s okay to eat too much pizza at a lunch meeting (yeah, I did that yesterday). It’s okay.

Just do your best to make up for it. I have noticed in my almost 6 weeks of healthy eating/behaviors that you get what you give. So, to make up for my pizza I ate 0 point foods for dinner and everything turned out okay and at the end of the day I was proud of the effort I made.

So, I hope that if you are one of those people who is struggling with exercise, healthy eating, or anything else today that this little thought perks you up and keeps you working toward your goal. It’s never too late to make a change.


What do you think? Share your thoughts below.

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