Must-Have Monday: Bath & Body Works Candles

There’s nothing like the smell of spring. Fresh cut grass, sweet florals, fresh fruits, and budding trees. When you can mimic the essence of spring in a jar, now that’s a must-have!

Today’s MHM post is all about two of my newest favorite Bath & Body Works scents. I purchased these scents in their classic 3-wick candles.

watermelon lemonade


Heaven in my nose! This smells just like the name. It’s fresh scented, not overpowering, and was so perfect to me that I purchased the car freshener cartridge in the scent. Can’t. Get. Enough.

You may remember that I bought a mini candle in this scent last month to give it a try. The mini only lasted a couple days!
tokyo petals


Because these were $2 for $22 I was on the hunt for another 3-wick. Behold, another super fantastic spring scent… Tokyo Petals! The smell of Japan! (I wouldn’t know, never been there, but I’ll go ahead and assume it smells this divine.)

It’s puzzling to me that I love this candle because #1 I’m not a big fan of sake and #2 I’m not a cherry lover.

I find this scent to be light, fresh, with a little warmth to it. I brought it to work and have been burning it in my office. It’s a safe smell for the workplace because it’s not overpowering in the least bit. One day I forgot it was burning and left the office to make a few calls and when I stepped back into the clinic I was greeted by a welcoming smell at the front door. I noticed the scent, but it didn’t knock me to my feet.

I would absolutely recommend this if you like light scents that just plain smell good. Not too much like a cupcake, not like a flower, not like strong potpourri, but a nice smell!

I’ve read so many blogs that complain about how difficult it is to describe smells, and it’s SO true. I hope that you can make sense of my ramblings and decide whether these scents are something you would like in your home, office, car, etc. In my opinion, these candles are a good value when priced at 2/$22 because they burn slowly, put off great smells, and make perfect gifts.

What other Bath & Body Works scents are must-haves in your home?

Random Thoughts

  • My husband starts week 7 of 9 in Wichita this week! Next week is his boards test, yikes! He’s almost done. This crazy 3rd year of graduate school is coming to an end. His graduation announcements will be mailed out to our family and friends tomorrow. Shit’s getting real.
  • My aunt is traveling to MO on Friday with little baby Carson in tow. I can’t wait to squeeze him. Pics will be coming!
  • Weight Watchers is going well, which you may know if you keep up with my Friday posts. I’m always on the hunt for new recipes, so if you have a favorite… send it to me!
  • I can’t wait to start garage sale-ing on Saturday mornings. I’m looking for that can be spray painted. I’ve got a board on Pinterest titled “DIY furniture” and I’m dying to collect some pieces to use for projects. Since I have a storage unit, I won’t have to limit myself! Hopefully I can post some DIY projects within the next few weeks.

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