WW Update: Week 4 Results

TGIF and Happy Weigh-In Day to me!

After a flat week last week, I did not know what to expect today when I stepped on the scale. I am happy to report that I was 2.4 pounds down for the week, for a grand total of 8.4 pounds lost. I was really trying to hit that “10” mark this week, but it didn’t happen.

My staples for this week have been:
– Eating Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers for lunch. These are pretty darn tasty!
– Making a waffle taco for breakfast… the healthy version. I toast one Eggo Whole Wheat waffle and spread one wedge of Laughing Cow Smooth Sensations Cinnamon Cream Cheese on top. And, to make myself feel like I’m eating the latest and greatest fast food breakfast item, I fold it in half like a taco!

My saving grace this week:
– Variety. I’ve been mixing it up. My dinners for this week were: Pork loin and veggies, bean and cheese quesadilla, pizza, omelette, and grilled chicken.

Featured meal this week:
Homemade pizza on a Mama Mary’s personal-sized crust!


I’m not going to give an exact recipe for this because it’s just a simple pizza. I bought a 3-pack of these crusts (8 pp for a whole one), made my own sauce with a can of no-salt-added petite diced tomatoes, fat-free mozzarella cheese (2/3 c. for 3 pp), and onion, green pepper, and banana pepper for toppings! I ate the whole thing, but I could have probably gotten away with eating half and having some fruit.

About the marinara: Homemade marinara is not 0 pp and I don’t know why. Canned tomatoes are 0 points and since I season my own sauce with fresh garlic, Mrs. Dash Original, and basil and parsley I’m not sure why there’s a difference. Does homemade marinara have sugar? Can anyone help me out to better understand this? I want to make sure I track correctly.

Eating out this week:
I visited my BCFs (best cousins forever) in Bolivar on Friday and we went out to a BBQ joint. I splurged. I ordered fried okra (10 pp). It was heavenly! I also had brisket (didn’t eat the bread that it came on) and beans. I used my indulgence points and it was totally worth it.

On Thursday I had a lunch meeting and managed to steer clear of the basket of rolls, cheesy scalloped potatoes, and dessert table. There was coconut cream pie and chocolate cream pie and I didn’t even consider having a bite. Winning!

Working out this week:
Zumba-ed on Monday.

As part of my job I go in and out of doctor’s offices and medical buildings. I’ve been making an effort to take the stairs!

Goals for next week:
– Zumba twice!
– Continue to make healthy choices when eating out.

(Goals I set for last week that I achieved: Limited coffee in-take, eating more fresh foods.)

I am driving to Wichita tomorrow to visit my hubby and taking Monday off work. I know we’ll be eating out so I will do my best to make healthy selections! 10 pound weight loss, here I come 🙂


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