WW Update: Week 1 Results

Happy Friday! I embark on my second week of Weight Watchers online today. I’m feeling excited, refreshed, and motivated. I’ll break down what I ate for the week in these updates. Please feel free to share recipes with me!

To start, let’s talk about the scale. I lost 4 pounds in one week! Whoop whoop!

Since this was my first week, I did a lot of experimenting with points and am constantly searching for foods in the app and adding lots to my grocery list.

My staples for this week have been:
– Oscar Meyer Deli Selects Oven Roasted Turkey (2 oz per sandwich) –  1 pointsplus
– Nature’s Own 100% Whole Wheat Bagel Thins (as bread for my sandwich) – 4 pointsplus
– Sweet Potatoes (steamed with a damp paper towel, microwave 4 mins.) – 2 pointsplus for 1/2 cup
– Laughing Cow Smooth Sensations Cheese Wedge, Garden Vegetable (eat with fresh veggies) – 1 pointsplus per wedge
– Rold Gold Fat-Free Mini Pretzels – 3 points for 20 pretzels
– Fresh Veggies (cucumbers and baby bell peppers)
– Fresh Fruit (grapes, watermelon, strawberries, bananas)

My saving grace this week:
I love sweets. Cakes, pies, ice cream, cookies, donuts, …you name it. I am always up for dessert. Weight Watchers and dessert really don’t jive. However, where there is a will, there is a way! Behold, the Quaker Oats Chocolate Crunch Rice Cakes. Sooo tasty! These come in packs of 14 for $2.00. One rice cake is 2 pointsplus, or you can eat 2 cakes for 3 pp. Bargain!

I’ve been relying on these for my late night or post-meal sweets craving. Mmm mmm!

Featured meal this week:
Breakfast food is one of my faves. Here’s a meal idea that totals to 12 pp and it’s super filling.
Omelette by Bret (named after my dad, the person who made it for me)

3 whole eggs
1/2 cup diced peppers (I used a combo of red, green, yellow, orange bell peppers and some poblano)
1/4 cup diced onion
3 oz. cubed ham (I used lean pieces from a ham my parents had baked a couple days prior)
Black pepper and crushed red pepper to taste

– Use the tiniest bit of olive oil in a non-stick skillet over medium high heat.
– Beat the eggs and add them to the skillet. Reduce heat to medium.
– Add diced veggies and ham.
– Cover and continue to cook until the edges are cooked and the top is beginning to cook.
– With a spatula, fold the omelette in half. Cover and continue cooking for a few minutes until no runny eggs is visible.
– Enjoy!

Eating out this week:
Jeremy and I went to both Olive Garden and On the Border in Wichita. At both restaurants I relied on the WW app and left feeling full and proud of myself.

Working out this week:
I went to Zumba on Monday. I hadn’t been in so long and holy crap it was hard. Planning on doing 2 classes next week, maybe walking in the evenings depending on weather.

Goals for next week:
– Find a replacement for my turkey sandwiches. I don’t want to get burned out at lunch time!
– Try black bean burgers. Sydney (my WW partner & cousin) has been loving the Chipotle ones made by Morning Star.
– Start some type of “healthy living” movement at work. Another one of my co-workers is totally supportive of this. She said we could manage to skip out on some days and take walks. Score! (She’s the manager and what she says goes!)

There you have it, my first weekly recap. If you’re a fan of posts like these let me know by liking this post or leaving a comment. Like I said before, I don’t want to overwhelm the blog with WW stuff.

Have a great weekend!


3 thoughts on “WW Update: Week 1 Results

  1. For lunch I really enjoy chicken wraps. I cook some split chicken breasts with some poultry seasoning in the crock pot and shred it to have for a couple of days. I use the ole’ high fiber wraps (1pp) with a pinch of low-fat cheese and ranch and hot sauce. I normally use about 1oz. chicken (1pp) and count 2pp for my ranch and cheese since I only use just a pinch of each. It’s not a huge wrap but it’s pretty filling when I have my fruits, veggies, and you can have 30 Special K Cracker chips for 3pp. It really ends up being a lot of food.

    • Thanks for the idea! I need to add the wraps to my grocery list for this week. I found a list of casseroles on skinnytaste.com and I plan on making some of those and freezing portions for easy lunches. Keep it up!

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