Coastal Scents Eyeshadow Haul #2

Oops, I did it again! I bought more Coastal Scents hot pots! These little babies were (and still are) on sale for 99 cents a piece. You can’t buy much for 99 cents these days and I understand skepticism because of the price, but these eyeshadows are definitely worth a shot and in this post I’ll show you why.


If you missed my original C.S. haul, I’ll link it here. In that post, I reviewed three shadows. Because of the high quality, texture, pigmentation, and selection I decided to buy more.

Without further ado, the swatches…

IMG_0054Left to Right: Citron, Bronze Peach, Canyon Coral, Raspberry Tart (with flash)

IMG_0055Same swatches, no flash.

IMG_0068Bottom to Top: Bermuda Sand, Timeless Taupe, Amaretto, Dark Golden Olive, Elven Midnight. Some of these remind me of Urban Decay’s shimmery neutrals.

IMG_0067Same swatches, no flash. Sorry it’s out of focus!

I will link to the C.S. website where you can read reviews (highly suggested) and purchase them.

  1. Citron – Full on color! Not sure what I was thinking with this lemon-lime shadow, but I know I can make use of it.
  2. Bronze Peach– Matte. Same velvety texture as shimmer shades. Didn’t swatch as nicely as it applies with a brush. This will work well as a transition or blending shadow to use with Canyon Coral and Amaretto.
  3. Canyon Coral – What a perfect name! Reminds me of the red rock we saw during our Utah trip this summer. I’ve used my finger to pat this over brown matte shadow and it creates a pretty effect.
  4. Raspberry Tart – Exciting, bold! So pigmented. i did notice some fall out in the pot when I used my finger to swatch. I’ll just have to be careful when using my fingers to apply it.
  5. Bermuda Sand – A tad muddy. Least favorite shade! Not my kind of taupe or mid-tone.
  6. Timeless Taupe – Cool brown shade that could be used for eyebrows. I will give it a shot on the lids and for the brows. Nice anchor for the shimmer shades!
  7. Amaretto – Such a unique and complex shade. The ultimate autumn color. Transforms in the light between copper, rose gold, earthy orange brown.
  8. Dark Golden Olive – I’ve been looking for the perfect olive for a long time. Consider it found!
  9. Elven Midnight – Beautiful /pewter toned purple with a hint of navy and brown. Not too dark. Very usable!

I now have 12 hot pots, so I decided it was time to buy one of the empty palettes. I chose the 12 pan palette for $5.95. It is surprisingly sturdy! The shadows magnetize to the palette on their own. There is also a handy full-size mirror.


Top Row: Citron, Bronze Peach, Canyon Coral, Amaretto
Middle Row: Bermuda Sand, Gypsy Stone, Timeless Taupe, Black Berry
Bottom Row: Raspberry Tart, Lakeshore, Dark Golden Olive, Elven Midnight

Note: I should mention that these shadows are the same size as MAC shadows once de-potted. MAC shadows will need a magnet attached to the back to use this palette.

Bonus! Coastal Scents kindly included a sample quad called “Mermaid” – check out these super fun, unique brights!

IMG_0069Left to Right: Appletini, Indigo, Laguna Green, Artic Breeze.

There you have it! My latest purchase from Coastal Scents. If you are looking for a specific color of shadow, I would give Coastal Scents a shot. Their shimmery and matte finish shadows are richly pigmented, low cost, and that have such a wide array of colors. Enjoy!


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