Coastal Scents Eyeshadow Haul

Who are my bargain shoppers out there? I always love a good deal. I struck gold a couple weeks ago on the Coastal Scents website. I had heard about this brand numerous times from YouTube vloggers and finally made my first purchase.

Today, I want to share with you my thoughts on the eyeshadow singles called “hot pots”. I bought three of these for $1.95 a piece. That’s no typo folks, $1.95! For under 2 bucks a piece, I thought these were worth a shot.

**UPDATE: Coastal Scents hot pots are on sale now for 99 cents! The sale expires 3/21/14.


The three shades I bought are:

I’ve linked to the site for each of these shadows. As you can EASILY see, the photo on the website is not exactly what I received. Although I do enjoy the true color of these shadows, I wish the photos were more indicative of the true color. It’s a good thing I like surprises!!

To show how the colors are multi-dimensional, I took a photo from another angle.


The hot pots come in small plastic packages, not in a palette. You can purchase an empty palette to snap these into for next to nothing – 28 shadow palette for $10.

Because I heard that these shadows were hit or miss on pigmentation, I paid special attention to the finish and application description. All three shadows are listed as opaque or semi-opaque. Here’s the proof:

IMG_0047Swatches with Flash

IMG_0048Swatches without Flash.

I can’t get over how gorgeous and velvety these shadows are! I have worn gypsy stone the most. It’s gorgeous on the lid and brought up into the crease. Blackberry is nice for the crease, and outer corner. It does have a little bit of shimmer, but when blended out it works like a matte. Also, this would be killer for a smokey eye, smudged on the lower lash line!

I have yet to wear Lakeshore. It’s just not my color, but I was taking a risk! I plan to wear this in the spring on the lower lash line. I bought it because I was intrigued at how much gold would come through.

No eyeshadow or face primer was used for the swatches. In fact, black berry did leave a stain on my skin when I washed off my arm with hand soap. Just proof of the great quality!

I will definitely buy more of these shadows for the price. Please recommend certain colors for me! One thing I do like about the Coastal Scents website is the reviews on each hot pot shade. Super duper helpful!

I hope you enjoyed this review!



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