My new cousin Carson

As of yesterday evening, our family is one person bigger!  My aunt and uncle welcomed a baby boy, Carson Michael, into their family. Caden & Cameron (the ring bearers from our wedding) are now big brothers to the tiniest Allen!

My aunt and uncle live in central Florida, along with my grandparents. I was sent a few photos and snagged some from Instagram to share!

IMG_0081Someone wasn’t too excited to come out!

IMG_0082A healthy boy!

IMG_0083Look at those cheeks!

IMG_0084The boys meeting their new brother. “Why’s he so red?”

IMG_0085Proud daddy!


I’m hoping my aunt can fly to Missouri with the baby in a couple months so that we can meet our newest first cousin! This makes 8 grandchildren for my paternal grandparents. The 8 of us range in age from 28 (almost 29) to newborn! Wow!

I have plans to meet another friend’s new baby this week. Baby fever is stronger than ever!



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