Giddy Up: Beauty Roundup

Howdy, partner! I’ve got a roundup of beauty goodies for you. A mini-haul, products I’ve rediscovered and am loving, and some duds to report on.

I’ve been brainstorming about a post like this for a while and just hadn’t decided on the best way to organize my thoughts. If you hang in there and make it to the end, leave me a comment and let me know what you think of posts like this. Depending on the feedback, a beauty roundup may be a new thing! On that note, I didn’t have a must-have Monday product this week. No, I wasn’t too busy and no, I didn’t forget. I simply did not have a product that I felt was worthy! I don’t feel like I should say something is top-notch without doing my research and trying out the product for a good while. I would hate for you to buy a product based on my first impression (or my impression after using it only a few times) and be disappointed. With that being said, I’ll move along.

There will be 3 categories for this post:
1. New products I’m trying
2. Products I’m loving
3. Not-so-awesome products



Lashes – One of my friends received these in an Ipsy box and didn’t have a use for them (she has insanely long and dark lashes). These are so glamorous. I can’t wait to try them! Brand: Jcat beauty, Style: EL20, Cost: unknown

BB Cream – I’ve been curious about BB creams and heard this one by Rimmel was worth a shot. I’m planning on wearing it alone, set with powder, and as a base for my foundation. When I swatched this I was surprised at how mattifying it seemed. It also appeared darker than I expected. Brand: Rimmel, Color: Medium, Price: $6.47

Eye shadow – I picked up the Maybelline Color Tattoo base after many months of deliberation. I’m not a cream shadow kind of gal, but the overwhelming amount of positive feedback I have read on these made me pull the trigger.

Here’s the swatch, it’s gorgeous! Nice balance of metallic plum and brown tones. I will definitely be using this as a base for a smokey look- just like MakeupByTiffanyD did in this tutorial on YouTube. Overall, I’m really excited about this product! It seems like a little will go a long way.
Brand: Maybelline, Color: Pomegranate Pink, Price: $5.94

Bonus: I’ve swatched the Color Tattoo next to the e.l.f. baked eyeshadow in Burnt Plum. I have a great feeling about this paired together along with a couple shades from the Naked 3!

left to right: burnt plum wet swatch, dry burnt plum swatch, pomegranate pink swatch


I have 2 products that belong in this category. Interestingly, both of these products were not my favorites when I first started using them. However, with some trial and error I have grown to love these.


Lips – It’s a healing tinted balm… Maybelline’s Baby Lips Dr. Rescue. I wasn’t crazy about this at first, it had a slight cooling feeling and smell, it wasn’t a great color for me, and it wasn’t long wear. Two months passed and I picked this tube up again. This time I layered it on top of lip liner, loved it! It was now long wearing and I had forgotten about the cooling smell and feel. It puts off a decent amount of shine and a pretty flushed pink color when it’s built up. This product is sheer, but builds really well. I finally figured out my problem, I had been treating it like a lip stick, and it’s not one. When I started treating it like a tinted balm, I liked it more! Looks like it was my problem – not the product’s!! Here’s a swatch (one swipe):

Recently I did look to purchase a different shade, but didn’t fall in love with anything so I passed.
Brand: Maybelline, Color: Soothing Sorbet, Price: $3.48


Cream blush – Who are my cream blush fans out there? This was my first experience with any kind of cream blush… And I’m hooked. I will admit, I didn’t know how to use this at first which meant it stayed buried under a few other items in my drawer. I had been applying it with my fingers and just couldn’t blend it out like I wanted to. Also, don’t try to apply cream blush after powder. It just doesn’t work. I learned that lesson the hard way.

Once I came to my senses, I began applying this with my Real Techniques face brush. I gently dab it into the product and lightly dab and buff in circles on my cheek bones. The texture of these bouncy blushes is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It’s very lightweight and feels like nothing on the face! This blush is long wearing and the swatch did lightly stain my hand.


The swatch is just one swipe of the blush with my finger. It is not totally opaque, but builds nicely. They do make this in a peach tone that would be so beautiful for spring! I think this bright coral color is perfect for all seasons when you want a flush-looking cheek.
Brand: Maybelline, Color: Hot Tamale, Price: Can’t remember! $6-7 I would guess


Here’s where I screwed up. I photographed the cream blush with my not-so-awesome product. My apologies, but you’ll have to scroll up to see the product and swatch.

Bronzer – I recently finished my Revlon PhotoReady bronzer and decided to try something new. While at Target I picked up the e.l.f. bronzer for just a buck or two. Worth a shot, right? I’m not going to totally bash this product because I do think I’ll have a use for it this summer. But for the winter, this product is a no go. Too much gold toned shimmer and not a ton of color impact. I do like the base color of this bronzer, but the gold is too overpowering.
Brand: e.l.f., Color: Warm Tan, Price: $1-3

There you have it, folks! My first roundup. I hope these tidbits are useful to you. Leave a comment if you agree, disagree, or have color recommendations for the bouncy blush, color tattoo, baby lips, etc. as always, thanks for reading!

Random thoughts:
– I ordered 3 eyeshadows, 3 brushes, and a face palette from Coastal Scents. Can’t wait to give it a shot! Fingers are crossed for good results!
– We have cold weather again. I knew the spring-like temps we were having were too good to be true!
– Our federal tax return came today. Only 10 days after we e-filed with HR Block online. I’m impressed! That’s fast!


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