Five for Friday

Just a quick update on what we have been doing and what’s upcoming:

1. Hubby related – Jeremy has 2 weeks left in Springfield a.k.a. 2 weeks left at home before heading off to Wichita, KS for 9 weeks. My feelings about this are all over the place. Obviously, I’m sad. We’ve adjusted to a new normal, after all he’s been home since mid-December. On the other hand I’m thinking, holy crap…we did this thing. This is the last clinical. He graduates in 11 weeks! There are not words to express my excitement, joy, or how proud I am of my husband. It has been a different experience for each of us, but our feelings are the same about this ordeal being over. (More on this as the time gets closer…)

This week we’ve hotel searched online for extended stay hotels in Wichita and made a reservation. Who knew that it would be more expensive than Fayetteville? Also, we’ve casually looked online for PT jobs. That’s pretty major.

2. Beauty related – I’ve been experimenting with my NARS Illuminator in Orgasm. I’ve had this for over a year. In fact, I purchased it for my wedding day look. I rarely use it and quite frankly, I’m not sure how. It gives a sheer gold-toned rosy glow. In the past, I’ve used it to top of my cheeks after blush+bronzer. Today I applied it in 2 ways – as an eyelid base and as an after foundation+concealer to the apples of my cheeks for a glow. (I used my Real Techniques face brush for my cheeks. Worked great!) Then, I applied my Bare Minerals pressed mineral veil and topped with Milani baked blush. I am very pleased with the outcome!
NARS - Illuminator

3. Blog related – Remember my 25 before 25 post? I feel like I am making some headway. I’ve been better about being organized. In fact, I have been a filing machine! We get SO MUCH MAIL. I don’t know why. Maybe because we have a lot of bills – ha! I’ve filed the paid bills and have been keeping up with it weekly so I don’t accumulate a mountain of papers. Also, I had a facial and that definitely counts as part of “taking care of myself”. My friend Kristin (Nu Essence Spa) gave me a fantastic 60-minute facial, complete with extractions and a chemical peel to take off the bad stuff!

I should be able to mark a couple more items off my list in the coming weeks.

4. Baby related – So much pregnancy happening right now and I love it. Basically, when my friends (and family) are having babies it subsides my fever! My aunt is expecting little Baby Carson in mid-March. You may have seen my MHM with a little TJ Maxx haul at the end with some cute baby finds. My friend Kelsey is expecting little Baby Bryson any day! Jeremy and I can’t wait to meet him. I am making a wooden sign with Bryson’s birth stats as a gift, but I can’t start til he’s born. I will definitely post a how-to! Finally, my friend Melodie is expecting Baby Trystan at the end of May. Whew! We have a couple more friends also expecting this spring… lots of hatching happening!

5. Fashion related – I have spring fashion fever. I need new clothes in my life! I’m dreaming of pastels, brights, sheers, patterns, florals, neutrals, ahhhh! A few pins..

love this necklace -seen it with a few outfits lately, would love one! cute outfit too, maybe one day i can pull that look off too.

Fashion Alert: Trends For Spring 2014 - Fashion Diva Design

Stylish outfits white sleeve shirt, blue jeans and striped flats shoes

Looks like the Needle Lace Tank and Pigment Jegging @Charlotte Willner Anne Clothing. Great concept!


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