Must-Have Monday: Urban Decay Naked Palettes

Hey MHM lovers, I’m back! This post has been brewing in my brain for a long time and I’m finally ready to give you my piece of mind on these super popular eyeshadow palettes. I’ve had the Naked 1 palette for a couple, maybe 3 years, and I received the Naked 3 palette for Christmas. I’ve used the “3” for long enough now that I’ve established some favorite shadows.


So, let’s get started! Because I don’t have an awesome camera to take photos of these shadows on my face I’ve swatched the colors I’ll be talking about. I used the elf eyelid primer (only $1) as a base for these swatches. And, because I had a little primer left on my fingers, the swatches didn’t come off very well. Please know this is my fault and not the eyeshadow’s fault!

Naked 1

Why is it a must-have? (1) quality of the product: I can’t say this enough. These shadows are highly pigmented. The color you see is the color you get. A little bit goes a long way. As I mentioned, I’ve had this palette for a few years and use it nearly every day. You can see that I’ve only hit pan on 1 shade (virgin). (2) variety of colors. The first few shades are light pinky colors, then you have golds and coppers, then purples and pinks, and finally dark gray and blacks. The mix of colors gives you dark and light, meaning you can achieve day time and night time looks all with this one palette.
Cost: All Naked palettes are $52. It may seem like a lot, however for the number of shadows you’re getting and the fact that I’ve only hit pan on one, this little baby will last you a long while. In comparison, a single Urban Decay shadow runs about $18-22.


My favorite shades from this palette (from left to right):
1. Virgin. My go to brow bone and inner corner color. When I run out, I will buy a single. Not too shimmery or frosty, just perfect. Like a virgin- ha!
2. Buck. Looooove buck. This is a light toned brown matte shadow. Second to naked, it’s the only matte in the palette. I love my mattes and do wish UD used more in the Naked palettes. I use buck nearly every day as a mid tone shadow to start my look.
3. Smug. My go-to coppery brown shade. Pairs nicely with buck.
4. Toasted. A really pretty metallic purple pink. It reminds me or a certain colored pencil I had as a kid. Weird, I know. Can you guess which one?

5. Hustle. Reminds me of UD’s YDK, but with less silver. It goes nicely with toasted but you have to be careful and not blend the two together too much because it will all look like one color.

Naked 3


Rose gold lovers, this palette is for you!
Why is it a must-have? Just look at it! The colors are gorgeous and unique. It does have variety in the shades allowing you to do a nude, pink or even purple look.
Cost: Same as above.


My favorite shades from this palette (from left to right):
1. Strange & Dust. I swatched these mixed together because that’s how I wear them on my brow bone and occasionally in my inner corner. Strange is a cream colored matte and dust is a very sparkly light light light pink.
2. Limit. A perfect transition color to help blend one color into another. This is a matte.
3. Trick. The most unique shade in the palette. It’s a wet looking rose gold. So pretty and a little orange. I tap this over the center of the lid to finish the look and open up the eyes.
4. Nooner. Probably my most used shadow in the palette. A beautiful matte mauve. Gosh, I love this! Because I love it so much, I’ve been buying more shadows like this.
5. Darkside. An interesting deep pewter. Blends beautifully and contrasts the pinker tones.
6. Blackhart. A deep blackened burgundy with reddish sparkly. When put in the outer-v, it can really smoke things up! Can be used on an angled brush as a liner as well.

There you have it! My take on the Naked palettes, 1 & 3. I do not have Naked 2 and don’t plan on purchasing it. There’s nothing in that palette I feel like I am missing out on. Are you an UD Naked lover like me? Let me know which shadows are your faves!

Happy Monday!

Random thoughts
– Still loving the Olympics! Really upset about the lady that interviewed Bode Miller and was relentlessly asking about his brother that recently passed. You can read the dialogue here.
– Here’s a photo from a little TJ Maxx haul…

I got all this stuff for $46! A Chiefs jersey for Jeremy for $5, super cute baby clothes for my new cousin arriving within the next month!, a giant 12 oz. bottle of Biosilk Silk Therapy for $19.99, and a new bath sponge.
– I am having a facial tomorrow and am very excited! I absolutely love Nu Essence Spa, if you’re in Springfield you should give my girl Kristin a try.


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