twenty fourteen

I’m a week behind on my 2014 preview & 2013 recap post, but better late than never! My excuse is that I just returned from a trip to Florida, where I plenty of time to blog while I waited in airports (stupid winter weather delays), but my stress level was too high to do any real thinking. That’s another post for another day.

So, 2013. What a year!
For starters, we made it. We meaning Jeremy and I. It was a year of transition for us: We moved out of Apartment 136 and in with my parents, Jeremy went to Utah, Jeremy went to Fayetteville, and I stayed home to work. It wasn’t easy, but in reality it wasn’t like I thought it would be either. I did pretty good not being a cry face all the time, but there were bad days. Fayetteville seemed like a breeze since he was only 2 hours away; still not easy though.

We had weddings: Chelsea’s & Allison’s, and wedding showers (Allison & Sydney)! And sweet little Kenley was born to Shannon & Colton! Beau & Brooke graduated high school and Beau moved to Marshall, MO.

We had trips: The great trip to Salt Lake, Chicago, and a day trip to Kansas City.

Jeremy also celebrated our first year of marriage on 8.11.13 with a trip to ReRico in Springfield!

I’ve tried to be a better blogger in 2013, and have big goals for myself in 2014. Here are a few things on my blog to-do-list:

  • Blog more often. Keep up with my Must-Have Mondays!
  • Share my blog more. I haven’t shared a link to any post on Facebook, that takes guts!
  • Come up with a new name and buy the url address. Help, please!
  • Learn more about WordPress and its abilities

Without further ado, here’s what we’ve got coming up in 2014. I did something similar in 2013 and it was fun to look back on.

  • January: Go to Florida! (check), turn 24, co-host a wild bachelorette party for Sydney
  • February: Sydney and Nick get hitched, spend time with visiting family, dad’s bday
  • March: Jeremy finishes his clinical in Springfield and goes to Wichita, he also is planning on going on a PT mission in Brazil, mom’s birthday, Baby Allen is born, Baby Hutcheson is born, mom’s bday (Can you say busy month?)
  • April: Visit Jeremy in Wichita as much as possible. Brooke’s bday
  • May: Jeremy graduates with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Southwest Baptist University. This will be KIND OF A BIG DEAL. Hopefully I will be in a financial position to host a graduation party for him! Beau should be coming home for the summer in the beginning of the month. Also, Morgan will be graduating high school. Melodie and Ricky will welcome Baby Trystan.
  • June: Jeremy should be job hunting
  • July: Jeremy should begin working, and we hope to be moved out of my parent’s house!
  • August: Celebrate anniversary #2
  • September: Beau’s bday
  • October:
  • November: Holiday fun
  • December: Holiday fun

The first half of our year looks much more busy than the last half! 2014 will be the year of the unknown for us. We have no way of knowing where Jeremy’s job search will take us! Here’s to the unknown and 2014! We are ready for you!


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