First shopping trip of 2014

Happy New Year! As many of you know, New Year’s Day sales are popular and I love to get in on the action. This year was no different! My mom was my co-pilot for this year’s adventure. Dillard’s is known to have an awesome clearance sale-half off marked clearance and other bargains. We stopped there first to search for workout pants for me and mom was looking for a dress to wear to Nick & Sydney’s upcoming wedding (1 month from today!!!).

I found exactly what I was looking for, Nike “tight fit” crop leggings in a gray/black pattern. Original price was $49.99 and I bought them for $10.21! (I found an old Dillard’s gift card in my purse with a $11 balance. Without the gift card the pants were $21 after tax.)

Mom found a cute dress that was originally $69 for $12 after tax! Wowza!

Then, we went to Express where the real magic happened! Pictured below, black and white knit sweater (originally $59.90), Paris tiger graphic tee (originally $28.90), and black statement necklace (originally $34.90).


Luckily, I opened mail before we left for the mall and pocketed a couple coupons. Good thing I did because I paid a total of $2.11 after tax for all three items!!

I’m loving this necklace. It can be paired with nearly anything! Here’s a close up:


Did anyone else catch any great NYD bargains? Please share!


What do you think? Share your thoughts below.

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