Homemade Holiday Gifts: For Your Mistletoes

It’s time for a Pinterest inspired holiday gift! I’m sure you’ve seen the Mistletoes pin floating around your feed. It’s a cute bag of treats for your feet. I’m talking foot cream and nail polish.


I decided to use this idea as a gift for some of my contacts through work. I wouldn’t have the budget for name brand polish and cream, but I could upgrade the gift by using Epsom salt instead of fake snow. That way the recipient is getting polish, soak, and cream!

Here’s what I came up with!


All products were purchased at Walmart. I came in under my budget of $5 per client!

  • Treat bags – $2.00 for pack of 25 (These can be found with the cake decorating supplies.)
  • Epsom salt – $4.87 for a 3 lb. bag (I was able to fill 8 baggies with one 3 lb. bag.)
  • Foot scrub/polish/cream – 98 cents
  • Nail polish – I used Sinful polish for $1.98 and Sally Hansen for $1.97. A few of my favorite clients will receive Essie brand polish 🙂
  • Additional supplies: white cardstock and staples

I made the fold-over top in Publisher and printed it on white cardstock. I’m including a mistletoes printable for you to write a personalized message on the back! These will print 2 per 8.5×11″ sheet of cardstock.

Merry Christmas!



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