Must-Have Monday: Old Spice Deodorant

Yes, I sweat. Sometimes more than what might be called “normal” and sometimes less. I’m not sure why there is a stigma that women don’t sweat, but that idea is simply bizarre. Yes, it’s okay to sweat if you’re not exercising or moving… at all. Today, I bring to you a recommendation for the best deodorant I have used. EVER. In my sweatiest years (junior high and high school) I feel like I tried every brand on the market. Degree, Secret, Ban, Mitchem, Dove and the list goes on and on. Old Spice brand of antiperspirant and deodorant has won me over with its effectiveness against B.O., wide variety of unisex and sometimes feminine scents, price, and availability.

Let’s begin. One of my friends started using Old Spice Fiji a few years ago because that’s what her boyfriend wore. She learned quickly that it #1 didn’t smell like the typical men’s sport smell and #2 it worked a hell of a lot better than the so-called women’s deodorant on the market. I gave Fiji a try. She was right, this stuff did work! It didn’t cost any more (often times less!) than women’s deodorant and it didn’t smell like a fruity-flowery-powdery punch in the face.



I had a nice run with Fiji, and became curious about other non-so-manly scents in the Old Spice line of products. That’s when I found Hawkridge. It didn’t have the tropical scent that Fiji did, it was more of a vanilla based scent that wasn’t too girly. I wish I still had a stick of this so I could better describe the scent. I found that it had the same B.O. blocking properties as Fiji. At this point I was thinking, are these smells coming from the Old Spice line that has deep roots in the men’s hygiene product world?



The newest scent I had purchased it Wolfthorn. It may be my favorite! It smells exactly like a combination of Starburst candy and Fruit Strip gum. But, it’s not too strong. It is the most feminine scent that I have tried.



So, there you have it folks! The best $3 deodorant on the shelves these days. Give it a try, and let me know what you think. I’ll think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. On that note, do you use a product that is marketed toward to opposite gender? Please share!


What do you think? Share your thoughts below.

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