Winter is here!

Technically it’s still fall, but we got our first snow of the season yesterday (and today). It’s a big one! In southwest Missouri, it is rare for us to have measurable snow prior to Christmas, with our bigger snows coming in late January and February. We have around 6″ at home and at work. I am loving it! I thought I would share a few photos:


I snapped this photo as Dad was driving me to work this morning. See the hill at the very top in the distance? That’s Bloody Hill from the Civil War Battle of Wilson’s Creek.



This is just after we pulled out of the driveway. The blanket of white is beautiful when it’s untouched!

Another winter-related item to share is a new lip combo I have been loving. Yesterday I wore Milani’s Chilled Brandy lipstick with NYC’s Wine and Dine gloss on top. Stunning! And it was long lasting throughout the day. I couldn’t help but to snap a selfie.




Finally, it’s a slow day at work (duh, patients don’t like to get out in the snow) so I took it upon myself to decorate the Christmas tree at work. I bought red and silver ornaments this year and decided to try my hand at decomesh. It is so fantastic! It was very easy to work with and I achieved the look I was going for. Since it is a healthcare/office environment I had to practice some self-control and not go totally artsy on the tree like I would have at home! What do you think?





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