Late Must-Have Monday: Milani lipstick in Chilled Brandy

Attention fall lip lovers! This post is for you. I picked up this lipstick in Fayetteville last weekend and I can’t stop wearing it!


Meet Milani’s Chilled Brandy. I think this color is a knock-out. Perfect for fall without being too gothic looking!

Cost: I can’t remember. No more than $5.
Where to buy: I found a small selection of Milani beauty products at the Walmart in Fayetteville, AR. I have seen this brand at Kmart in Springfield, MO.

I have been wearing this lipstick on top of a thin layer of lip balm. Without the balm, it looks too dry on my lips. This color doesn’t budge once it’s on! I can apply it in the morning before work, do a touch up after lunch, and I’m good to go! It does stain the lips a bit. I do think putting down a balm first helps prevent stain lips. However, I don’t mind the stained color this gives me…it’s a “your lips but better” on me.



Oh, and another benefit. It’s one of those colors that gives your teeth a perfect white look! I would love to get more Milani lipsticks. If you can find this brand, I would definitely recommend purchasing this product!


6 thoughts on “Late Must-Have Monday: Milani lipstick in Chilled Brandy

  1. That color is really pretty! I just picked up my first Milani lip stick the other day too. I got the color Sangria and it’s a really beautiful feel berry shade. I usually find Milani products in my local CVS, but I’m sure you can order them online too.

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