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Weekend trip & Must-Have Monday: 20/20 Experience

We did it! We made it from Salt Lake City to Fayetteville in a weekend. And, we managed to be home for almost 18 hours!

I flew from Branson to Salt Lake on Friday, and arrived around 6 p.m. Jeremy surprised me at the airport, and yes, I cried like a baby! My phone was dead so I hadn’t even had a chance to text him and tell him that we had landed, which terminal I was at, etc. He had gotten out of work early, had already filled the car up with gas, and looked up my flight so he knew where to be.

We immediately hit the road, I-80 East. We stopped for dinner at Applebee’s in Rock Springs, Wyoming and were reminded that we don’t really like Applebee’s. Our favorite things were the mozzarella sticks and spin-dip in our appetizer sampler.

We drove through the snowy mountains to Cheyenne. We checked in around 2 a.m. and got back on the road at 10 a.m. Saturday. Most of our day was spent in Nebraska. Once again, we stopped to eat at HuHot in Lincoln. Jeremy loves his HuHot!

Before we knew it, we were in KC. I fought sleep around Clinton, but was re-energized when we got to Springfield. HUGE shoutout to Jeremy for driving the entire way!!!

Here’s a photo I snapped Saturday morning from a McDonald’s parking lot in Cheyenne.


Now, onto Must-Have Monday, which is related to our trip. We loved grooving to Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience to stay awake during our drive. I have had Part 1 of the album for a while now, but just downloaded Part 2 last week.


Cost: $10.99 each on iTunes
Where to buy: Any music store, or download online
Why it’s a must-have: I have always loved me some JT, but this album is a breath of fresh air. There’s nothing else like it! It’s a blend of pop, R&B, blues, soul… so many different styles of music into one (two, actually) albums. Jeremy and I agree that the second album is more “dance-y”. A few of our favorite tracks (that aren’t played on Top 40 radio) are: Don’t Hold the Wall, Pusher Love Girl, TKO, Spaceship Coupe.

I recommend downloading these albums! We prefer Part 1, but that may be because we’ve listened to it more.

Stay tuned for next week’s must-have. (I skipped last week due to a migraine!)


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