Must-Have Monday: Soft Cashmere Wax Cubes

(Apparently this post was password protected after I published it yesterday. Oops!)

Who are my Scentsy lovers out there?

This week’s must have item is a Scentsy knockoff but I cannot get enough of this scent!!


Better Homes & Gardens “Soft Cashmere Amber” scented wax cubes are a home run. The scent is not overwhelming-won’t make your eyes water or sneeze. The best way I can think to describe the scent is that is just smells like home. Weird, I know. Scents that are appealing to me are things like caramel, pumpkin, vanilla, and wood smells. I typically don’t like super sweet fruit or floral smells. I would definitely say that this scent is closely related to a vanilla scent-but it isn’t.

Cost: $2 at Walmart (comparable Scentsy wax cubes are $5 if purchased alone)
Where to buy: Walmart

I will definitely be stocking up on these little babies. I’m not sure if they are seasonal or not, because they were on an end cap with cranberry and pumpkin scents for autumn.

Sorry if this is a lousy description of the product, but I’m not sure how to describe it. One thing I do know–it’s a must have!

Happy Monday đŸ™‚

P.S. I have a TON of beauty products that I am loving right now. Maybe I’ll do a big post with some of my favorites!


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