SLC Trip: the adventures

We’ve arrived at part three of this little series and I sure am excited. I don’t know if I’ll ever do a series of blog posts again because I suck at following through and actually writing these posts.

Onto the adventures! We had an absolute blast driving across the country together. Contrary to much of what we heard, it wasn’t boring, flat, or desolate! There was a lot for us to see and do together.

On Saturday, we started our day with a trip to the local grocery store, one block away, then we went to Pioneer Park’s farmers market where Jeremy picked out lots of fresh fruits and veggies. I got a lip balm made with organic oils for $1 and it rocks! I asked Jeremy to pick up a backup for me if he goes back.

After that, we dropped off the groceries at the house and drove out to the Great Salt Lake State Park and Marina. It didn’t take long to get there, and we were glad that we went. It was different than anything I have ever seen. It smelled that way too!




There wasn’t much to do, but I think we stayed for 15-20 minutes reading the fact boards and taking pictures. Some people were walking in the smelly sand and water-not us! Yuck!

We googled things to do in the City since we didn’t have plans for the rest of the day. I found a site that showed a glass AirTram that traveled on a cable between some gorgeous mountains. I wanted to do it! It was at a ski resort called Snowbird-we were off!

It was a mostly highway drive, then a curvy road up the mountain. The view during the drive was spectacular. The mountains were covered in pine trees and the rock was gray and sharp looking. The photos just do not show the size and beauty of the mountain scenery.



When we parked the car, it started to rain. It was a cold rain and it was about 65 degrees up in the mountains! We followed what we thought were signs to the AirTram, but we were wrong! By the time we got on the bus to go to the main part of the resort, we were soaked. But regardless, we boarded a bus of crazy people and headed up to the main building.

After following the correct signs, we made our way to the top floor to find that the AirTram was closed due to thunderstorm conditions. Boo!!! To our surprise, the upper deck of our resort was home to an annual Oktoberfest that was in full swing. We immediately partook in the festivities!



There was a German band, German food, drunk people, and wet weather! It finally made sense why those people on the bus were so wild-they were German wasted!! We stayed until the end of the festival (6pm) then headed back down the mountain. It was a great spontaneous afternoon!

On Sunday, we went to the hospital where Jeremy is working to make sure he knew where to park and where the rehab department is. We made a Walmart and Target run, ate our steak lunch, then drove to Park City to check out Olympic Park.

We were so glad we did! The museum was short and sweet and interesting (what more could you want in a museum?) and the sights were awesome

I captured some of out favorite moments on Instagram video: or if you’re reading from a computer you can click the Instagram widget at the top right of the home screen.

Afterward, we chilled at the house and relaxed for our last night together. Jeremy dropped me off at the airport early Monday morning before his first day at the hospital.

So here we are, 4 weeks in. I sure do miss my husband. My life is pretty darn dull without him. I am so excited to see him in 4 more weeks. I bought my plane ticket to salt lake so he can pick me up and we can enjoy the drive again. October 18 can’t come fast enough!!



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