SLC Trip: The Eats

I have failed miserably in finishing this series. And, I have started to forget everything I wanted to say! Sigh…. So without further ado, the eats!

Our first meal in town was at Red Iguana. I had assumed there was enough diversity in the city that we would be able to find a decent Mexican restaurant. I googled restaurants and discovered that the Red Iguana had great reviews. Jeremy’s housemates agreed that it was one of the best. So off we went!

It was about a 45 minute wait but that didn’t deter us. We expected a substantial wait for a Friday night. We spent most of our wait time sitting in the car updating our travel journal.

When our name was called we followed the host into a maze of tables and narrow paths. Our two-top was in its own cozy room. Kind of odd, but really nice to be slightly separated from the hustle and bustle. It was a packed and loud place. Oh, and there was a mariachi band! We couldn’t remember being at a Mexican restaurant with a band since we ate at Las Vaqueros in downtown Fort Worth in 2008.

Throwback photo! I was still in high school and Jeremy would have been 20.


Things we loved about Red Iguana:
– the roasted pepper flavor of the spicy salsa
– the queso was unique
– our entrees rocked
– Jeremy’s was on a bed of almond mole. I should have mentioned that they were famous for their homemade moles.
– the service. Super helpful for us first timers!
We will definitely return here when we go back to SLC someday.




The next day, Saturday, we skipped out on having a lunch because we were too busy exploring. We did however have a bratwurst at an Oktoberfest at Snowbird. More on this when I get to my third post in the series. We agreed that this was the best brat of our lives. I didn’t like the sauerkraut, but Jeremy did. We also had German potato salad. Jeremy had a couple unique brews. One even had a bacon taste!



So long story short, I got altitude sickness at the Oktoberfest and had to lie down for a couple hours after getting back to the house. Around 9 I felt well enough that I felt hungry. We decided on Pizzeria Limone.


I ordered the caprese pizza and Jeremy had the salciata or something like that. Mine had spinach, cheese, tomatoes, balsamic. Jeremy’s had sauce, sausage, goat cheese, and I can’t remember the rest. We loved the concept of this place. It was a modern spin on a Chipotle for pizza! Incredibly fresh.



On Saturday we had originally planned on a nice steak dinner-that my parents were kind enough to pay for as an anniversary gift. Well, my pukey problems kept that from happening. We set out for a steak lunch on Sunday. Google led us to Spencer’s. it turned out to be in the Hilton downtown. We were the only people in the restaurant–and certainly the only people in tshirts and shorts!

We dropped a hundred bucks on a well-deserving meal. Our ribeyes were so tender and flavorful! Here’s a photo from before lunch.


The only photo I have from Spencer’s:


Our last meal together was at Thai Siam for dinner on Sunday. I remember having low battery so I don’t have pictures. And it must be true that they are worth a thousand words because I don’t remember much about our meal.

I remember our appetizer was delish. I think it was crab Rangoon, with a non conventional name. I ordered Pad Thai. It was okay, not as good as my local fave Tasia. Jeremy had Drunken Noodle. He liked it but I wouldn’t try it because it had fish sauce. Ew! It was a fairly busy joint for a Sunday evening so we figured it must be one of the better Asian restaurants in the area.

Jeremy seemed concerned that there wasn’t a Chinese buffet nearby. But good news, he reports that he’s found one on the U of U campus 🙂

I hope this has been a good read and may be helpful if you’re traveling to Salt Lake City. And again, this was blogged from my phone so please forgive sloppy errors. I promise I am a skilled speller and know proper grammar.

Hopefully it won’t take another two weeks before I post the third part of the series.


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