SLC Trip: The Drive

Our little vacation ended a week ago and I finally have found time to brainstorm and begin blogging about our trip.

I decided to do a 3-part series:
1. The Drive
2. The Eats
3. The Adventures

And as a disclaimer, I’m blogging via the WordPress app so that I didn’t have to transfer photos from my photo to computer. I’ll do that later.

So, to begin the first post, “The Drive”…
We left home at 5:13 a.m. just falling short of our 5 a.m. goal. We stopped to get coffee and were on our way! Our route was Springfield-Kansas City-Lincoln-Cheyenne-Salt Lake City. The majority of our miles were traveled on Interstate 80. And it wasn’t too boring at all.

We hit Kansas City around morning rush hour but it wasn’t an issue at all. North of Kansas City in the northwestern Missouri/Southwestern Iowa/southeastern Nebraska area we were entertained by a crop duster that was flying all kinds of crazy and it made me nervous! It was flying super low! But that’s what they do. Jeremy and I decided that being a crop duster airplane pilot would be exciting!

We stopped in Lincoln, NE for a sit down lunch since we weren’t in a hurry. Jeremy chose to eat at HuHot, one of his favorite places! (It’s a huge Mongolian grill style restaurant if you have never been). Definitely not your typical road trip meal, but it hit the spot and we were back on the road!


The drive between Lincoln and Sidney, NE was very flat. You could see forever! It was more beautiful than it was boring. We started seeing “snow fences” in central Nebraska. Jeremy described them as small fences that prevented snow from drifting across the highway in the winter. I would have never imagined that was the purpose of the fences! We also saw trees planted in perfectly straight rows to prevent drifting.

When we got to Sidney, the topography started to get much more interesting.


We started seeing plateaus and flat top rock formations, along with large wind turbine farms. Cool!

Shortly after Sidney, we arrived in Cheyenne. The rock formations and ridges started to get pretty big west of Sidney and we saw our first mountain range in the distance when we got to Cheyenne just before sunset.

We checked into our hotel, went out to dinner, then hit the hay pretty earlier. We were beat!

Day two started around 9am… We found a gas station to fuel up and began our westward trek again. The landscape was so beautiful. It was a pretty desolate drive, but I snapped some awesome photos from the passenger seat.





Western Wyoming was gorgeous too…



(This was taken in Rock Springs, WY where we stopped for lunch. It was cloudy and rainy, so you can’t see the beauty of the mountain

When we crossed into Utah, the mountains and rocks seemed to magically change color. To a deep bold orange red. So cool.




Love this photo of us at a scenic lookout! Xoxo!


When we came down from the mountains and into SLC, I looked back at the mountains and snapped this. It was unbelievable that nearly everywhere you look I’m SLC, you are surrounded my enormous mountains. Huge ones. So awesome.


I think that will wrap us this first part of the series. That was a lot of photos, I know! Next time I’ll be talking about the delicious food we ate in Salt Lake.

Until then… 🙂


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