anniversary date night

They say time flies when you’re having fun, and I couldn’t agree more. Sunday, August 11th marked one year of wedded bliss for Jeremy and I. Because he was swamped this weekend preparing for his “capstone practical exam” for school, we celebrated on Saturday night with dinner at ReRico. ReRico is a Brazilian-style eating experience in Springfield. We had been there once before, for Jeremy’s 22nd birthday we think, and were super excited to return!

We had eaten at a Brazilian restaurant at our honeymoon resort, so this dinner “took us back” to our honeymoon 🙂 The large table with 8 Spanish-speaking people near us helped set the mood too 🙂

If you have never been to a Brazilian-style restaurant before, the quantity of food I’m about to describe may worry you!

Here’s a photo of the restaurant. Cool architecture!

When we were seated, we we ordered drinks (Jeremy had water, I had a fresh muddled Brazilian lemonade with raw sugar, yum-o) and were offered appetizers. Our waitress asked if we liked sushi, Jeremy’s eyes lit up! She came back with thin tortilla chips and a small dish of white queso with spinach, a basket of rolls with butter and cheese inside, and a California roll for Jeremy.

Then, we made our way to the “cold bar.” I made a plate of fresh vegetables, cheeses, a pasta salad, a chickpea and black bean salad, and hummus. Jeremy piled fresh seafood (shrimp, mussels, squid, octopus), salami and pepperoni, veggies, and a smoked sausage salad on his plate.

When we were ready to start with the rotisserie style proteins, we turned our pawns to green and the feasting began!

Here were a list of what we tried:
1. Garlic Ribeye
2. Parmesan Crusted Filet
3. Teryaki Sirloin
4. Horseradish Sirloin
5. Bacon wrapped filet
6. Smoked Sausage
7. Rump roast
8. Slow roasted pineapple
9. Lemon Pepper Fried Shrimp

Meats we did not try:
1. Barbeque Pork Loin
2. Teryaki Chicken
3. Glazed Ham
(We skipped these because they didn’t seem as “special” as the other meats going around)


Our waitress also brought cinnamon sweet potato fries and garlic and parmesan roasted potatoes to our table.

After we had enough protein, I felt confident that I could squeeze in a piece of chocolate cake that I had been eyeballing on the dessert cart. We think that the man pushing around the dessert cart was the owner… Jeremy seems to remember this from last time. He has a Jamaican/island accent and was super fun!

Our cake was delicious. Both of us asked for a cup of coffee, not knowing what we were getting ourselves into! Mr. Jamaica poured each of us a teeny, tiny cup of coffee but did not offer any cream or sugar. I cautiously sipped the coffee to find out (1) it wasn’t scolding hot which I was happy about and (2) it was not bitter at all! It was the strangest tasting coffee, but I loved it!

We asked our waitress about it and she couldn’t have been more helpful in explaining what it was and how to make it! She said that you get Deep Italian espresso beans, make the espresso, boil off the alcohol from banana liqueur, and mix the liqueur and espresso with sugar. So delicious!



When we got into the car to leave, I told Jeremy I was going to write a blog post about our dinner. I asked him how he would describe the dinner in one word. His answer was, “Ugghhh!”. Then, he changed his word to “Robust.” His top 3 cold bar faves were (1) Smoked sausage salad, (2) Chimichurri potatoes, and (3) Fresh seafood. His top 3 meats were (1) bacon wrapped filet because it was so tender, (2) horseradish sirloin dipped in horseradish of course, and (3) rump roast dipped in the chimichurri sauce.

We took the long way home with the sunroof open to enjoy the mild weather. It was the perfect date night. One thing is for sure, next year school work/studying will NOT get in the way of our anniversary! How exciting!!

And finally, I’m ending this post with one of my favorite photos from our wedding!

Jeremy REALLY wanted the guests to throw rice. We were pelted.

Jeremy REALLY wanted the guests to throw rice. We were pelted.


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